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Good Patron Podcast

Good art – especially independent art – doesn’t just happen. Host Garret Godfrey explores some of the best ways we all can be more supportive of faith-based independent music, including interviews and the latest crowdfunding campaigns.

We share ways to show support without spending money and ways to grab some good free music too. Plus current crowdfunding campaigns by Rick Lee James, Andrew Osenga, Jeremy Casella, Susan Ashton, & more.

We cover current crowdfunding campaigns, including spotlight artist Matt Searles. Plus we talk with UTR Media founder Dave Trout about the Buildathon campaign and a crowdfunding year-in-review.

Our spotlight campaign is for Grammy Award-winner Ashley Cleveland. Take this month’s “Good Patron challenge.” And hear samples from a variety of current crowdfunding campaigns.

We interview Molly Neuman, a director at Kickstarter, about how their platform helps to support indie music projects. Plus the latest crowdfunding campaigns by Adam Whipple, Sara Groves, Hannah Miller, & more.

It’s the debut episode of Good Patron! We’ll be exploring ways to be supportive of faith-based independent music. Our spotlight campaign is from Matthew Smith. Plus we interview singer-songwriter Anthony Quails.

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