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Green Room Door Podcast

We give you special access to some of today’s most gifted songwriters and performers so you can learn about the heart behind the music – hosted by Dave Trout.

It’s our Christmas episode! We’ll talk to Randall Goodgame about “Sing The Bible Family Christmas.” Plus we’ll welcome back Eric Peters to find out if he loves or loathes the holidays.

We talk with Dove Award-nominated artist John Tibbs about his journey from indie artist to a record label and back to the indies. Plus we get to know Atlanta-based roots-soul artist Micah Dalton.

This is an extended interview with veteran singer-songwriter Christopher Williams about travels, songwriting, and the making of his new album “Gather.”

We talk to Andrew Greer about his new Rich Mullins-themed book “Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth.” Plus we share a never-before-heard interview with Jessi McNeal, recorded at ETTL 2015.

We chat with veteran songwriter Fernando Ortega about his new album, his early career, and Stryper. Plus we interview relative newcomers Chris & Jenna about their band name, learning the ropes, and defining dreams.

For our DEBUT episode, we share conversations with Sir Eric Peters and Steve Taylor. And one interview gets hijacked by a 5-year-old!

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