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Welcome to Buildathon 2017!

BUILDATHON 2017 is now complete. At midnight on Dec.31, we ended with the campaign almost entirely fulfilled (99.7%). We are SO GRATEFUL to everyone who participated – especially many first-time contributors to UTR Media. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR …2018 is looking bright already!

Imagine that your dear friend just got some bad news that ushers in an unwanted season of hardship. And YOU have the perfect song to encourage them at just the right moment. And it’s quite possible you would have never heard that song or that artist if it were not for UTR Media. We hope that as you engage with our content, you will “rediscover your soul-connection through music,” but also that you will have a plethora of music resources to encourage others.

Consider how you can help our ministry grow and expand in the coming year by joining our support team, either with a one-time donation or an easy-pay monthly installment. 100% of those funds will be used for our ministry programming, directly helping us create new podcasts, videos, album downloads, articles, and live events. And your contribution helps impact more than just your family… you are providing encouragement for tens of thousands of music consumers and hundreds of independent artists.

Help make next year our best year by generously contributing today! Anyone who gives a gift of any size (but please think generously), will receive our special reward package listed to the right.


Boring Details (If Interested)

Our goal of $40,000 reflects what we need from our donor support team in 2018, which is about 1/3 of our annual budget. The rest of the revenue comes primarily from sponsorships, live events, and foundation grants. If you currently give a recurring monthly donation to UTR Media, we have included that in our Buildathon totals, and no “recommitment” action is needed. However, now is the perfect time to consider increasing your donation by $5 or $10 per month. Any increase in monthly support or year-end one-time gift will be applied toward the campaign goal. UTR Media is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are 100% tax deductible. You will be receipted for each donation made to UTR Media, plus every January we mail an annual summary of all donations given during the previous calendar year (for your convenience). If you would like to make an offline donation (cash, check, in-kind, stocks), email utrdave@gmail.com and he’ll find a way to include it in the campaign totals.

For campaign donors at ANY Giving Level

“The Indie Music Landscape”
Audio interview with Jill Phillips, Joy Ike, and Mr. and Mrs. Something [recorded at ETTL 2017]
Oneplace Worship
Video concert of worship set let by John Tibbs, Jess Ray, & Taylor Leonhardt [recorded at OnePlace, Andrews University in 2017]
Backstage at Wheaton
Raw interview file of our full-length conversation with Josh Garrels [recorded at Wheaton College in 2016]
“Eric Peters: Live at Under the Radar”
Download of a full length unreleased live album [recorded in the UTR Studios in 2011]


Rachel Wilhelm – Hopkins, MN
Rob Gasaway – Hannibal, MO
Hector Gonzalez – Oak Lawn, IL
Charlie Peacock – Nashville, TN
Clay Clarkson – Monument, CO