It’s a terrifying and exciting time to be running a non-profit.  This last year has not been business as usual… for any of us. So, THANK YOU if you have been a faithful part of UTR’s support team.  It’s been challenging to raise funds for UTR’s work, for obvious reasons. However, 2020 has been a year where people have been more reliant on digital content for encouragement and spiritual growth than ever before.  We leaned hard into this good, good work – providing podcasts, playlists, videos, articles, and launching the new SongRx email.  We did (possibly) some of our best music curation of all time to offer hope in the midst of some dark days.

Introducing 2020’s Buildathon…

We have felt tremendous reward just focusing on the work before us and seeing the good fruit of people engaging with our ministry during this difficult year.  This year of discouragement and disruption for so many has actually been a year of growth and rejuvenation for UTR!  We are excited for what the future holds as we continue to foster spiritual, emotional, and mental health by building community around well-crafted, faith-inspired music.  BUILDATHON is our end-of-the-year fundraiser to invite you to invest in our future, so we can continue strong AND so we can launch into new opportunities to serve artists and listeners.  If you are able, will you join our support team today?  Your financial gifts are needed and helpful – and will allow us to continue to provide all our digital content for FREE.

UPDATE:  The 2020 Buildathon has ended.  THANK YOU to everyone who participated and contributed.  UTR Media welcomes donations year-round, so if you’d still like to support our work, click the SUPPORT button above. Thanks!

If you are currently on the monthly support team for UTR, we have included your continued 2021 giving into the campaign totals. As usual, we would gladly welcome you to consider increasing your support, or giving an above-and-beyond year-end gift. 

Reward Tiers for Buildathon 2020

Campaign Update…

GOAL:  $45,000

PLEDGED:  $33,185



* Margo Stetch – Alberta, Canada

* Russ Burden – Middletown, PA

* Kevin & Mel Bendle – St. John, IL

* Sara Groves – Saint Paul, MN

Reward For All Donors

All donors for UTR’s Buildathon (at any dollar amount) + all current UTR monthly supports will get a free ticket to our exclusive Online All-Star Concert (coming mid-January) — with performances by Andrew Peterson, JJ Heller, Joy Ike, Phil Madeira, Andrew Osenga, & Carolyn Arends!  [Admission tickets emailed in early January.]

Video Update:

Some of our artist friends like Andrew Peterson, Cindy Morgan, The Gray Havens, & Melanie Penn share why supporting UTR Media is a worthwhile Kingdom investment.