Our end-of-the-year campaign is a way to link arms with our non-profit work in a tangible way.  This year, the story is even more exciting.  Your donations to UTR Media during this campaign will be used for the launch phase of a brand new strategic partnership between UTR Media and Judson University in Elgin, IL.  We hope to open new doors for Judson in the worlds of music, media, and special events – and they will open up doors of opportunity, campus ministry, and bringing some organizational stability to UTR.  In short, this is a major answer to prayer, and we are excited for the road ahead.

By joining the initial “build team” of this partnership, we have some rewards (see below) to commemorate this new chapter of ministry!  Thanks for being the most encouraging, generous, and caring community we have ever known.

Reward Tiers for Buildathon 2021

Campaign Update…

GOAL:  $12,000


Pledged – 1%


  • Joel Robinette – Mundelein, IL
  • Michael Armstrong – Atlantic Mine, MI
  • Doug Franks – Stone Mountain, GA
  • Deb Conrad – Berryton, KS
  • Leanne Bruno – Nashville, TN

Your donations are an investment in people

UTR has been around for 13 years (the last 7 as an independent non-profit).  We don’t just play music for fun or for entertainment.  We have always had intentionality behind all of our work – and we want those who engage with our content to experience spiritual, emotional, and mental health while engaging with the most well-crafted music being made.  Our content reaches over 100,000 people a year, and your donations allow us to continue to provide all of our content for free. Plus, this year is a special investment in the new partnership between UTR and Judson University, which we trust will help us expand our ministry outreach even more.

A Word from the Artists:

Some of our artist friends like Andrew Peterson, Cindy Morgan, The Gray Havens, Christopher Williams, & Melanie Penn share why supporting UTR Media is a worthwhile Kingdom investment.