Some songs are designed to be like cotton candy… a burst of fun and flavor – even if not designed to stand the test of time.  However some songs are like a rescue ring to a struggling swimmer – and they are there for us exactly when we need them.  These are the types of songs that UTR has focused on since we started over 14 years ago.  No matter where you find yourself, we are delighted to put beautiful sounds and meaningful lyrics all around you.  We are confident that it can only do GOOD.

Curator’s Notes (HSM #20)

One of my goals for this playlist was to feature several artists that we haven’t put on a recent UTR playlist – plus we also added quite a few first-timers to the list.  We visit some 20+-year-old songs by Jars of Clay, Steve Taylor, Phil Keaggy, & Switchfoot.  We have lots of brand-new releases weaved in as well.  And I can’t not mention the new single by (wow) Rich Mullins [from the upcoming live new-to-the-world live album Deep Valley].  My hope is that these songs really strengthen you on your faith journey as we start a new year.  (Dave)


JAN-FEB 2023

No Better Place (Psalm 84) – Caroline Cobb
Love of Another Kind [LIVE] – Rich Mullins
Kelly Time – Owl City
Love is the Movement – Switchfoot
Call You Blessed – Bethany Barnard
Maestro (Tears Don’t Lie) – Wilder Woods
Body & Soul – Christa Wells
Last For Noe – Blessing Offor
Easy – Jess Ray
God of My Fathers [LIVE] – Andrew Peterson
Greater Good – The Royal Foundry
And We Dance – JUDAH.
Like a Child – Jars of Clay
Gold – Ellie Holcomb (ft. Carly Bannister)
Get Out of the Way of Your Own Heart [LIVE] – Chris Renzema
Meadow – Jillian Edwards
Water Wasted – Kings Kaleidoscope
O Children, When You Call on Him – Yellowhammer Hymns
He Won’t Let Me Go – Gloria Gaynor (ft. Bart Millard)
Leap of Faith [LIVE] – Martin Smith (ft. Holly Roe)
Any Less than My Best – John Van Deusen
Into the Light – Jonny Lang
Choose To Love – Carrollton
Take the Moment – The Classic Crime
Uncertainty – Tow’rs
Ordinary – Ian Zumback
Up for Love [LIVE] – Royce Lovett
Sunshine and Holidays – Hannah Miller (ft. Lori Chaffer)
Mend – Adam Watts
Willow / Better than Magic, Better than Real – Giants & Pilgrims
Our Fortress – Ginny Owens
Lover of My Soul – Jeremy Casella
Curses – Steve Taylor
In My Head – Joseph
Fear and Love – Joe Day
It’s Coming – Jet Trouble
I Wanna See Your Mercy Flow Thru Me – Geryah Dingle
Trying to Get My Heart Back – Matthew Clark
til I See You Again – Weston Skaggs
Come Sit Down at My Table – Kristen Budde
Happy To Be Here – Eric Delong
Overwhelmed – Melanie Waldren (ft. Palace)
Refiner – Hey Barnabas!
Invade – Watermark
Tangerine Skins – J Lind
Every Chance I Get – Copperlilly
All the Time in the World – Joy Ike
Psalm 147 – Poor Bishop Hooper
After the War [Remix] – Branches
Time Has Come [LIVE] – Wildwood Kin
When We Pray – Citizens
The Here and the Now – Scott Mulvahill
Carry On – The Mosleys
Paradox – David Keener
Enough – poems of grace
Pain Casts a Shadow – David Brackenbury
History – Abbye West Pates
Middle of My Words – Chase Tremaine
Why Do You Call Me Good – Olwen Ringrose
Blessed – Anna Palfreeman
The Storm – Eric Peters
The Line – Cory Henry
Come Clean – Wild Harbors
A Sign Came Through a Window – Phil Keaggy
Pardon and Peace (The Assurance) – Elise Massa
Waking Up – John Mark Pantana
Be Free – Andrew Haines
A Tether – Kylie Dailey
Find the Time – Lacy Blonn
In Good Hands – Andrew Ripp