This year has taught us a lot about some things that we might have taken for granted.  One of those things: LIVE MUSIC!  Gathering with fellow music lovers, hearing songs & stories from artists, being swept into a communal experience where the entire venue is connected by a song… we want that to come back. SOON. But safely. You can help make this a reality!

We are so excited to partner with another non-profit, Renew The Arts, in developing a coast-to-coast Hosting Network.  You can sign up now to host live music in your own living room, patio, garage, backyard… or maybe be the host at someone else’s space or a local park.  As a host, YOU can help create the safest way to experience live music – in size-controlled atmospheres with social distancing and other regional safety protocols.  If you have the heart to gather amazing people around amazing music, you should consider signing up.

While the pandemic inspired us to take action and link arms with hosts coast-to-coast to help bring back live music, we see the benefit of this expanding beyond the effects of this COVID-19 era.  Booking and routing gigs is one of the biggest pain points for most indie artists we know.  With YOUR help, we can bridge audiences and artists like never before. This network is an opportunity to re-orient the live music experience around community, hospitality, and connection.


What is the cost to sign up as a host?

Zero dollars and zero cents

When will the network start hosting tours?

As long as it is safe to travel, we hope to be up and running in Q1 2021

How is this different from other house concert networks that already exist?

We believe the partnership between UTR & RTA makes us ready for any challenge. Plus we are one of (if not) THE only networks operating in a not-for-profit fashion.

What am I obligating myself to as a host?

Nothing really.  We will notify you of any possible hosting opportunities in your area, which you can accept or decline.  We want you to focus being .  This means that we are going to flip the industry standard on its head – so the financial risks are extremely low for hosts.

Can I sign up if I live in Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, UK, Puerto Rico, etc?

Yes.  We will likely limit events to the Continental US for the foreseeable future. However, if you want to stay in touch with this network, feel free to sign up.  Eventually, if we have enough hosts in any of these regions, we may be able to bring a tour to your part of the world.

What if I’m an artist and want to sign up to perform in this network?

Sweet. We will eventually want to meet you.  For the remainder of 2020, we are going to focus squarely on signing up Hosts.  If you know of some folks who would make fantastic hosts for future events, please encourage them to sign up.