A good music video can take the song experience to the next level.  We wanted to share some of the gourmet music videos that connected with our eyes, ears, and hearts.  Here are UTR’s picks for the Best Gourmet Music Videos of 2021 (from the world of well-crafted, faith-inspired songs).  [FYI, we did not consider concerts, selfie performances, or lyric-only videos. These are listed in no particular order.]

“Winter: Will”

The Arcadian Wild

The powerful conclusion of their 4-song (and video) project Principium – which thematically explores the first few chapters of Genesis.  We love the on-location shoot on the rugged Pacific Coast and a unique concept executed by director Greyson Welch.

“I Love You”

JUDAH ft. Dante Bowe & Aaron Moses

It’s been a breakout year as a solo act for JUDAH (yes, from Judah & The Lion).  His brand of intense power worship anthems fills a unique niche. And director Matt Delisi brings some very interesting shots, lighting, and colorization to bring this October 2021 single pop on the screen.

“If I Were You”


These San Diego rockers had several vibey music videos in 2021, but we thought this one was the standout.  Director Erick Frost captured the whimsy and laid-back spirit that is at the heart of the band – plus some superb video editing on display too.

“We Are the Culture”


We are pulled into the neighborhoods of Southern California as we celebrate (as the video description shares) “that culture is not separate from us but culture IS us. We make the culture and we should always remember that.”

“Girl Drummer”

Make Sure

We normally don’t post one-take performance videos on our year-end list.  But this was the BEST one of 2021, and it will not be denied!

“O YA”

Colony House

In April 2021, Colony House released this single and music video as a surprise release.  The video is an elaborate production (aka “a trip”) and it’s oozing with creativity (including maybe some Beastie Boys influence).

“Talk To The Lord”

Natalie Bergman ft. The Chicago Children’s Choir

Natalie released several music videos in support of her 2021 solo debut project Mercy, including two concept videos for this song.  A diverse children’s choir on a retro TV set?  It wasn’t complex, but 100% compelling.

“Aguas y Canales”

Zach Winters

An instrumental song made our list? Really? Well, thanks to the creative photography and editing of Drew Willson, this is actually one of the most beautifully shot videos of the year – definitely deserving to be one of 2021’s best!

“Into The Mystery”


The title cut of Needtobreathe’s “surprise” album of 2021 was recorded – not in a fancy studio – but in a rented house in Columbia, TN (the white house in this music video).  We love the spliced in still images that show some of the making-of moments.


Apollo LTD

An intriguing concept video that uses some incredible Narnia-like winter landscapes, a young boy, and a cute dalmatian to remind us that “there is beauty in the waiting.”

“The Melody”

Melanie Penn

In August 2021, Melanie released this – her first single and music video from her upcoming project More Alive, Vol. 2.  It’s colorful, fun, and full of New York City charm.



This music video for the title cut of NF’s 2021 album is masterfully filmed and edited.  The jump cuts between scenes are perfectly executed.  This video adds even more cinematic elements to an already epic song.


Ellie Holcomb

This gal was on a music video tear in 2021, releasing EIGHT fully-produced “official” music videos (on top of a bunch of lyric videos and visualizers).  To no one’s surprise, the album’s title cut was the most well-shot of the lot (surrounded by some of nature’s majesty).

“Take Me Back”


Props to video director Tyler Follon for capturing some amazing visuals which add a new dimension to an already killer track.  The winter backdrop is perfect for this song with a theme of searching.


Jon Foreman

It’s Mr. Foreman’s second appearance on our list – this time in support of his brilliant solo release Departures.  This is also the oldest music video on our list, as it released on 1/7/21.

“Nobody Knows”

Jess Ray

The video is shot in a very confined space, but creatively moves with the song – starting in black & white, transforming into a technicolor glow, and then concluding with a crisp natural shot.  Kudos to Jess’ husband Kyle Langdon for directing the music video.


Andrew Belle

We’ve all seen special effects done poorly, but when they are done well – it can be magical.  Such is the case with this sci-fi, futuristic video released in August 2021. This is the second video on our year-end list directed by Matt Delisi.

Did any of these music videos WOW you or catch you by surprise?  Share your reactions below.