We are very excited for the inaugural White Owl Music Fest, coming to the Nashville area this Memorial Weekend.  To celebrate, we have compiled a playlist of music featuring the artists scheduled to perform.  There is some additional exciting news… thanks to the generous volunteer support of Andy McCright, this is the first UTR playlist that is now featured on YouTube Music!  Our plan is that all future UTR playlists will now be available on YouTube Music.  

Of course, we want you to kick back and enjoy the music in the playlist.  Even more than that, we hope the music draws you toward buying a ticket and joining us in person for the biggest music party UTR has ever thrown!  — Click for full roster and ticket info

Curator’s Notes

WOMF Playlist (April 2021)

It was a blast putting these songs together, and makes me extra excited for the festival (coming soon).  You’ll get a couple-few selections of all the artists performing on May 29… plus we threw in a track by Eric Peters and Cindy Morgan, who will both be special guests during the VIP Weekend experience.  And we hope to hang out in person, so make sure to secure your tickets for WOMF 2021!


White Owl Music Fest 2021 Playlist

Two Hands – Jars Of Clay
Lay My Worry Down – Sandra McCracken
A Hero Song – Royce Lovett
Diamonds – Taylor Leonhardt
Your Nearness Is Our God – Micah | Michelle (ft Liz Vice)
The Year of the Locust – Andrew Osenga
There Is A River [LIVE] – Jars Of Clay
Gather – Christopher Williams
Alone Together – Wild Harbors
Two Lights – Adam Whipple
Steadfast [LIVE] – Sandra McCracken
Jacob’s Ladder – Brothers McClurg
Harbor – Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart
Happy (Or Whatever) – Taylor Leonhardt
Call My Name – Jars Of Clay
Not Alone – Nomads + Natives
Good Morning – Royce Lovett
Promise is a Promise – Ian Zumback (ft Anthony Hoisington)
Swing Wide the Glimmering Gates – Andrew Osenga
Redeemed – Christopher Williams
Weighed Down – Jars Of Clay
Monument – Wild Harbors
Hem – Brothers McClurg
Reciprocate – Sandra McCracken
Free at Last – Nomads + Natives
Wasted Years – Ian Zumback
Runnin’ – Royce Lovett
When You Open Your Mouth – Taylor Leonhardt
Age of Immature Mistakes – Jars Of Clay
I’m On Your Side – Andrew Osenga
The Table – Micah | Michelle
The Old Year (of Denial) – Eric Peters
Chain of Ohio – Adam Whipple
Thirst No More – Sandra McCracken
Indigo – Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart
I’m Alright – Jars Of Clay
I Know You – Cindy Morgan (ft Andrew Greer)
Something Good – Christopher Williams
Behold – Taylor Leonhardt
Freedom (Acoustic) – Royce Lovett
Beautiful Places – Andrew Osenga
Like A Child – Jars Of Clay
Silver and Gold – Brothers McClurg
Justice Will Roll Down – Sandra McCracken
House on Fire (Remix) – Wild Harbors (ft Julie Lov)
Don’t Wanna Let You Go – Nomads + Natives
Morning Song – Micah | Michelle
Amazing Grace – Jars Of Clay