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About UTR Media

Formerly Under The Radar, the all-new UTR Media showcases the most well-crafted faith-inspired music being made today. This independent non-profit media ministry produces podcasts, video presentations, articles, & albums designed to help you “rediscover your soul-connection to music.”

About Dave Trout

Dave has been involved in Christian media for 23+ years, including work at WETN-FM, WCFL-FM, Moody Radio, and ReFrame Media. He started the “Under The Radar” radio show in 2008 while working at ReFrame, and in 2014 that show became its own independent non-profit ministry, under Dave’s oversight. In 2017, the organization underwent a creative relaunch, and now produces a wider variety of media projects under the new name, UTR Media. Besides well-crafted music, Dave loves pizza, watching Netflix/Hulu, Apple products, fishing, the Cubs, and driving 5 mph over the speed limit. He lives in Oak Lawn, IL with his wife and 5 children.