About UTR Media

UTR Media (formerly Under The Radar) is passionate about well-crafted, faith-inspired music. We are here to help connect artists and audiences so that lives are changed for the better.  We believe that music has a unique way of speaking to our heart and soul, and music that is honest, passionate, excellent, beautiful, and brimming with the hope of the Gospel can help us grow as people.  We produce podcasts, video presentations, articles, albums, & playlists that are designed to help you “rediscover your soul-connection to music.”

UTR Media is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which exists thanks to our generous ministry partners.  The minority of our financial support comes from foundations grants, business sponsorships, and fundraising events.  The majority of our financial support comes from good folks (just like you) who contribute – many on a monthly sustained basis – to help us continue and grow this work, which annually reaches over 100,000 people.

About Dave Trout

Dave has been involved in Christian media for 25+ years, including work at WETN-FM, WCFL-FM, Moody Radio, and ReFrame Media. He started the “Under The Radar” radio show in 2008 while working at ReFrame, and in 2014 that show became its own independent non-profit ministry, under Dave’s oversight. In 2017, the organization underwent a creative relaunch, and now produces a wider variety of media projects under the new name, UTR Media. Besides well-crafted music, Dave loves pizza, watching Netflix/Hulu, Apple products, fishing, the Cubs, and driving 5 mph over the speed limit. He lives in Murfreesboro, TN with his wife and 5 children.