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We give you special access to some of today’s most gifted songwriters and performers so you can learn about the heart behind the music – hosted by Dave Trout.

It’s our season debut for Green Room Door’s 5th season. Today we have an extended conversation with Ross King – talking about his approach to songwriting, a unique blind spot in the CCM industry, and the inspiration behind his new album “Unfinished”.

——– TRACK LIST FOR EP.39 ——–
* Clear The Stage – Jimmy Needham
* The Things That I’m Afraid Of – Ross King
* Golden – Ross King
* All My Heroes Are Underdogs – Ross King
* The Show – Ross King

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It’s our Season Finale of our 4th season of GRD! We’re talking with Aedan, Asher, & Skye Peterson (aka, the band Wake Low), plus a 10-year rewind interview with Sara Groves.

* Autumntide – Wake Low
* Curtains – Wake Low
* Roll To The Middle [LIVE] – Sara Groves

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* Host/Producer – Dave Trout
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Get introduced to the kind-hearted, talented singer-songwriter Anthony Quails…. a podcast over a year in the making. 🙂

———– TRACKS ON EP.37 ———–
* Life Is A Sea
* I Wish I Was Him
* It’s Okay to Have Nothing to Say
* As Long As I’m With You
(All songs written and performed by Anthony Quails)

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We are delighted to share an interview with Lincoln, Isaac, & Bailey from acclaimed Americana band The Arcadian Wild… plus a 10-year rewind interview with guitar “legend” Phil Keaggy.

———— TRACKS ON EP.36 ————–
* Silence, A Stranger (2019) – The Arcadian Wild
* Winter: Will (2021) – The Arcadian Wild
* Shouts of Joy (1994) – Phil Keaggy

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* Phil Keaggy’s website –
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It’s difficult to find someone who has had more influence on faith-based music coming out of Nashville than Charlie Peacock. His new (JAN 2021) album “Skin and Wind” is brilliant, and we talk one-on-one with him about the making of his 14th career studio album.

* Faith, Hope, and Love (from “Skin and Wind”) – Charlie Peacock
* Skin and Wind is a Mind Bend (from “Skin and Wind) – Charlie Peacock

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Texas-based singer-songwriter Caroline Cobb joins us to talk about her new Advent album “A Seed, A Sunrise.” Plus some VIP guests join us to share treasured Christmas memories.

————– TRACK LIST FOR EP.34 ————–
* Comfort, Oh Comfort – Caroline Cobb
* Hallelujah, Christ is Born – Caroline Cobb
* I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day – Caroline Cobb (ft. Sean Carter)

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We’re excited to be hanging with 4x Grammy winner Kevin Max on his latest solo project “Revisiting This Planet”

———- TRACK LIST FOR EP.33 ———–
* Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus” – Larry Norman
* I Am the 6 O’Clock News – Kevin Max
* The Great American Novel – Kevin Max
* Why Should The Devil Have All the Good Music – Kevin Max

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We get to know two fantastic singer-songwriters on the show – Treva Blomquist & Matt Wheeler.

———– TRACK LIST FOR EP.32 ———–
“Strong” – Treva Blomquist
“Shape I’m In” – Treva Blomquist
“Safer” – Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart
“Harbor” – Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart

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Eric Peters gives us an update about how his family is doing after losing their house to the Nashville tornado on 3/3/20. In the second half, Arthur Alligood joins us to tell us about a new project he is kickstarting now.

———— TRACKS ON EP.31 ————-
“Farthest Shore” by Eric Peters
“Where The Soul of Man” by Eric Peters
“Ochlockonee” by Arthur Alligood

———– CREDITS FOR EP.31 ————-
* Host/Producer – Dave Trout
* Eric Peters’ website –
* Eric’s new hymns album –
* Arthur Alligood’s website –
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In this season finale of our 3rd season, we are thrilled to talk to author, speaker, pastor, songwriter Justin McRoberts about his thoughts on current events and the making of his latest record “Curse of the Faithful.”

————– SONG TRACKS ————
* “Everything Will Change [LIVE]” – Justin McRoberts
* “Curse of the Faithful” – Justin McRoberts
* “But You Called” – Justin McRoberts

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* Host/Producer: Dave Trout
* Guest: Justin McRoberts –
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* Byron the Bookseller –
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Part 2 of 2. Another handful of A+ artists joins us to share personal anecdotes and spiritual reflections about living as a musician in this global pandemic.

* Christopher Williams
* Ross King
* Joy Ike
* Jeremy Casella
* The Promise is Hope

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An all-star panel of indie artists joins us to talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their lives and livelihood. Each also share words of encouragement and other spiritual reflections. Part 1 of 2.

* Melanie Penn
* Phil Madeira
* Royce Lovett
* Christa Wells
* Cindy Morgan
* Graham Jones
* Tanya Godsey
* Wild Harbors

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We talk with music legend and 2x Grammy winner Gloria Gaynor in the first half – and critically-acclaimed guitarist and songwriter James Duke in the 2nd half

—————– SONG CREDITS FOR EP.27 ——————
* “I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor
* “Back on Top” – Gloria Gaynor
* “Singin Over Me” – Gloria Gaynor (ft. Jason Crabb)
* “Skeleton Bones” – John Mark McMillan
* “Doors” – All The Bright Lights

————– OTHER CREDITS —————-
* Host/Producer – Dave Trout
* Gloria Gaynor’s website:
* James Duke’s website:
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* Rich Mullins Tribute Video –
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Is Jeremy Casella a future “first ballot Hall of Famer” in the world of gourmet music? Absolutely! And we’re thrilled to talk with him about the creation of his latest album “Spirit.” We also chat with one of the best young songwriters in Nashville, Brettan Cox.

* “Spirit (Keep On)” – Jeremy Casella
* “Autumn in Kingston Springs” – Jeremy Casella
* “The Day I Was Born” – Brettan Cox
* “Fountain to Fountain” – Brettan Cox

* Host & Producer – Dave Trout
* Jeremy Casella’s website –
* Brettan Cox’s Facebook –
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* Special Thanks to Hutchmoot and Christ Community Church

4-Time Grammy Award-winning member of DC Talk and renaissance indie solo artist Kevin Max joins us to talk about his latest musical endeavors, including the debut vinyl release of “Romeo Drive.”

———- TRACKS ON EP.25 ————
* “Half of the Better One” (from AWOL)
* “Romeo Drive” (from Romeo Drive)
* “Colored People” (from Jesus Freak)
* “R U a Spirit?” (from Romeo Drive)

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It’s the Season 3 Premiere of GRD, and we have an extended conversation with Denver-based singer-songwriter Joel Ansett about the making of his new album “A Place I Knew Before.”

* “Slow Down”
* “Sugar Coat”
* “It Hurts Me”
* “Dwelling Place”[All songs are from Joel Ansett’s 2019 release “A Place I Knew Before”]

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* ‘A Place I Knew Before’ on Spotify:
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He’s one of gourmet music’s all-time greats. Enjoy an extended conversation with Mr. Andy Gullahorn!

———– SONG LIST ————
* “Village”
* “Your Worst Day”
* “Everything’s As It Should Be”[All songs by Andy Gullahorn from the album “Everything As It Should Be”]

———– CREDITS ———–
* Host/Producer – Dave Trout
* Andy Gullahorn’s website:
* Rachel Mosley’s website:
* UTR Media’s “All Aboard 2019” Campaign – coming early June to
* Special Thanks: Resource Leadership Conference –

Really?! Even though we’ve been friends with her for four years, this is our FIRST interview with the kind and talented Jess Ray. Plus we have an invigorating conversation with songwriter and worship leader Brian Campbell.

* “Humble Heart” (from Parallels & Meridians) – Jess Ray
* “Come To My Senses” (from Pull The Stars from the Sky) – Jess Ray
* “Did Not Our Hearts Burn” (from Parallels & Meridians) – Jess Ray
* “Born Again” (from Born Again) – Brian Campbell
* “Overcome (Draw In Close)” (from Born Again) – Brian Campbell

* Host & Producer – Dave Trout
* Jess Ray’s website –
* Brian Campbell’s website –
* SPONSOR: Resource Leadership Conference (May 9-11) –
* Special Thanks to Bethany Baptist Church and Trevecca University

Our featured interview is with 13-time Dove Award winner Cindy Morgan. Plus we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Eric Peters’ album Chrome.

* “In The Beginning” by Cindy Morgan (from Autumn & Eve)
* “Bows & Arrows” by Cindy Morgan (from Bows & Arrows)
* “West of Nod” by Cindy Morgan (from Autumn & Eve)
* “The Old Year (of Denial)” by Eric Peters (from Birds of Relocation)
* “Chrome” by Eric Peters (from Chrome)
* “You Don’t Have The Strength” by Eric Peters (from Chrome)
* “Reality Came Crashing Down” by Eric Peters (from Chrome)

* Cindy Morgan’s website –
* Eric Peters’ website –
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Our winter hiatus is over, and we’re back to talk with two great guys who each released new albums last week.

———-EP. 20 CREDITS———
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* “We Will Remember” iTunes:
* Rick Lee James’ website:
* “Thunder” iTunes:
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We talk with Tim Briggs, founder of Folk Hymnal, about his new Christmas album “Incarnation Songs.” Plus we ask a potpourri of holiday questions of Eric Peters, Wild Harbors, Nicole Witt, & Christopher Williams.

* “Incarnation Songs” on Spotify –
* “Incarnation Songs” on iTunes –
* Folk Hymnal website –
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* VIP Friends: Eric Peters, Nicole Witt, Christopher Williams, & Wild Harbors

The whole show is featuring an in-depth interview with one of our favorite artists, Jenny & Tyler. We chat about their early days, their growing family, and their brand new album “There Will Be A Song.”

* “A Boy & A Girl (We’re Getting Older)”
* “Lesser God”
* “Who I’m Not”
* “Waters Roll”
* “Love I Am”
^^ All these are found on “There Will Be A Song” by Jenny & Tyler

* Jenny & Tyler’s website:
* Sponser – Hope Newman Kemp:
* UTR’s Buildathon 2018 Campaign:
* UTR 10th Birthday Contest:

We dig into two fabulous October 2018 releases – “She Waits” by The Gray Havens and “Songs of Common Prayer” by Greg LaFollette.

* “She Waits” by The Gray Havens
* “Storehouse” by The Gray Havens
* “Hosanna in the Highest” by Greg LaFollette
* “Mystery of Faith” by Greg LaFollette (ft. Sarah Masen)

* Host & Producer: Dave Trout
* The Gray Havens’ website:
* Greg LaFollette’s website:

What is a Hutchmoot? We’re doing a deep dive into this wonderful gathering near Nashville by talking with a bunch of attendees and event co-founders Pete & Andrew Peterson.

* “Maybe Next Year” by Andrew Peterson (from “Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1”)
* “The Great One” by Son of Laughter [ft. Wild Harbors] (unreleased)

* Pete Peterson
* Andrew Peterson
* Dave Radford
* John Barber
* Zach Smith
* Hope Newman Kemp
* Andy Tate
* Stephen Crotts
* Brenda Slomka
* Ethan Smith
* Adam Whipple

* Host/Producer – Dave Trout
* Hutchmoot –
* Rabbit Room –
* UTR’s “Heart, Soul, & Mind” Spotify Playlist –
* Sponsor: New Frame Creative –
* Venue: Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN

Our Season 2 premier features a conversation with Remedy Drive about their history, latest music, & doing undercover work to fight human trafficking.

SPONSOR – “Perfectly Clear” by Jillian Jones –
RESCUE UPDATES – Text “remedy” to 51555

We hope you are already a fan of Matthew Clark, but if not, this is a great place to start. We go back to July 2013 to an interview we did with Matthew at the inaugural Escape To The Lake – where we met Matthew for the first time. Plus some bonus questions from our live audience!

* “The Heart of the Wood” – Matthew Clark [2018] * “Kingdom Come” – Matthew Clark [2012] * “Kumalo” – Matthew Clark [2016]

* Escape To The Lake –
* Listener Questions from Teresa H. & Tom H.
* Conference Point Center –

We share some interviews and music clips from the 2018 National Worship Leaders’ Conference in Nashville – including guests Brothers McClurg, Rick Lee James, Brian Campbell, Ian Zumback, & more.

* Worship Leader Magazine & the 2018 NWLC
* Trevecca Nazarene University
* The Hub & the Food Services Staff
* NINE generous families who made special donations so UTR could be at the NWLC!

* “Hem” – Nick Flora (from Around The Mic [2015])
* “You Won’t Let Me Go” – John Tibbs (from Heartland [2017])
* “Butterfly” – Christa Wells (from Velveteen [2018])
* “The Table” – Ian Zumback (from The Table [2018])

He’s the most requested artist in the 10-year history of UTR. For the first time, we’re sharing the full interview we did with Andrew Peterson from 8 years ago (2010), shortly after his album Counting Stars came out. Besides that album, we also chat about Rich Mullins, fatherhood, and having a surprise hit on CCM radio.

Andrew Peterson’s website:
The Rabbit Room:
Executive Producer & Host: Dave Trout
Recorded in October 2010 at ReFrame Media –

* “Risen Indeed” – Andrew Peterson – Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1 (c) 2018 Centricity Music
* “You Came So Close” – Andrew Peterson – Counting Stars (c) 2010 Centricity Music
* “In The Night” – Andrew Peterson – Counting Stars (c) 2010 Centricity Music
* “Risen Indeed” – Andrew Peterson – Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1 (c) 2018 Centricity Music

This is a brand new interview with Nick Flora about the making of his new project “Conversation Hearts.” We also share a flashback interview with amazing songwriter Jessica Campbell, plus an update on what she’s doing today.

We’re excited to share a new interview with the articulate & talented Audrey Assad… plus the subject of the new major motion picture “I Can Only Imagine,” Bart Millard.

Tidy up folks! A Grammy Award winner is coming over! We chat with Charlie Peacock about his music career and his brand new jazz album. Plus we share an interview with creative singer-songwriter Shawn McDonald.

We have an in-depth conversation with Andrew Osenga about his songwriting process of late, navigating the rapidly changing music biz, and the heart & soul behind his new album “The Painted Desert.”

Jon Troast opens up about his recent battle with depression and the beautiful music that was birthed in his recovery. Plus veteran singer-songwriter Lisa Weyerhaeuser shares about the inspiration behind “Growing Light,” her first solo album in over 12 years.

It’s our Christmas episode! We’ll talk to Randall Goodgame about “Sing The Bible Family Christmas.” Plus we’ll welcome back Eric Peters to find out if he loves or loathes the holidays.

We talk with Dove Award-nominated artist John Tibbs about his journey from indie artist to a record label and back to the indies. Plus we get to know Atlanta-based roots-soul artist Micah Dalton.

This is an extended interview with veteran singer-songwriter Christopher Williams about travels, songwriting, and the making of his new album “Gather.”

We talk to Andrew Greer about his new Rich Mullins-themed book “Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth.” Plus we share a never-before-heard interview with Jessi McNeal, recorded at ETTL 2015.

We chat with veteran songwriter Fernando Ortega about his new album, his early career, and Stryper. Plus we interview relative newcomers Chris & Jenna about their band name, learning the ropes, and defining dreams.

For our DEBUT episode, we share conversations with Sir Eric Peters and Steve Taylor. And one interview gets hijacked by a 5-year-old!

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