Launch of the “24 Hour Gourmet Music” Playlist


For many years we have had a dream of launching our own Internet radio station that would play UTR’s variety of “gourmet music” 24/7… where folks like you could hop in and get a better variety with deeper songs and superb craftsmanship.  Who else would put such a platform together?  Who would create a channel for the way you WISH Christian Radio sounded?  UTR Media, of course!  However, pulling that off took too much time and money (things in rare supply at UTR). And then Spotify created a massive shift in listening trends, and listening to internet radio is now a relic from the past.

So now here’s the modern day fulfillment of that vision:  a new UTR Spotify playlist featuring (literally) 24-hours of Gourmet Music…. over 360 songs by over 150 artists.  Hit shuffle and enjoy new discoveries, fan favorites, live performances, radar rewinds, and the most meaningful music being made.  Plus, even after a month of commuting, you will hardly ever repeat a single song! 🙂

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It’s our hope that the music curation we do helps you “rediscover your soul connection to music.”  And this playlist is an always-ready radio station of well-crafted songs of faith — no matter the occasion.  Listen to CCM Christian Radio for two weeks, and there are certain songs, you will likely hear (no joke) over 50 times.  But listen to this playlist for two weeks, and there’s a good chance you will never repeat the same song twice!  **  A little behind the scenes peek…. some of you might remember that our other UTR playlists used to include short UTR-produced short features (one was UTR’s Backstage Minute).  Our plan was that we would build a catalogue of short features and so this “24 Hour” playlist would have a “branded” feel to it.  But our “non song” content started to get rejected by Spotify, and eventually even the tracks we had posted were removed.  Oh well.  In the words of Homer Simpson, “Son, you tried and you failed. The lesson is… never try.” 😉


Thanks to Jason Todd in South Carolina for recreating this playlist on Amazon Prime Music.  It’s not showing up on searches (it’s only the wee-little site Amazon), so the best thing to do is CLICK ON THIS DIRECT LINK and then under the 3 dots, click “Follow Playlist” – and then it will show up quicker for you under “My Music.”  Enjoy!


Thanks to Ben Kuwitzky in Jos, Nigeria for recreating this playlist on Apple Music.   CLICK ON THIS DIRECT LINK and then subscribe to this playlist.  Enjoy!

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