Many of us remember a day when we would count on the local radio station to find and enjoy music.  Over the last decade, streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music have become the “new radio.” Artists used to release music with the hopes that it would get radio airplay, but today the dream is more about getting featured on several playlists.  UTR’s dream has shifted too.  A decade ago, we had the dream of launching a 24/7 online radio station with nothing but gourmet music. Today, THIS playlist is actually scratching that itch.  In fact, if you hit shuffle and enjoy this playlist of well-crafted, faith-inspired tracks, we’re convinced that THIS is the way you wish Christian radio sounded.  Better yet, while the radio often plays the same hits ad nauseum, here you can listen to 24-hours of non-stop music without repeating a single song.  Enjoy!

Curator’s Notes  (24 Hours Playlist 2024)

Thanks for your patience!  The long-awaited 24 Hours Gourmet Music is finally getting an update, and appropriately in 2024.  We have put a lot of care into the songs we chose for this list, and we hope you’ll find something that you WON’T find on Christian radio – and not even what’s on most streaming playlists… and that is variety.  Over 370 songs can be enjoyed with a large diversity of ages, styles, themes, and ethnicities are represented. Thanks for diving in – and be sure to hit the “follow/like” button on the streaming service of your choice – partly because it makes it more accessible to you and partly because it helps us track how many people are regularly listening.   (Dave)