5 Reasons To See The Gray Havens’ 2019 Tour


We’ve been fans and friends with The Gray Havens from the very beginning.  UTR was their very first radio interview back in early 2013.  Dave & Licia were extra supportive in helping UTR become an independent non-profit back in 2014.  So we have a lot of history… and as you can imagine, there has been a lot of joy and thrill in watching The Gray Havens grow their fanbase and artistic accomplishments each and every year.  So we present to you FIVE reasons why you should definitely attend their 2019 tour:


1.  The Gray Havens make incredible music. And even though their albums are masterfully produced, their live performances are A-MAZ-ING!

2.  Their latest release She Waits is jaw-droppingly good. The UTR Critics just named it one of the Top 11 Gourmet Albums of 2018.

3.  Nearly all tour stops will have the support of one of these two openers: Chris Renzema or Jess Ray – two indie artists who we adore.

4.  It’s very likely coming to a city near you.  The tour spans over 2 months and will visit approximately 40 cities.  The full list of confirmed dates and cities is below.

5.  Avoid FOMO.  The only way to guarantee you won’t be gripped by the fear of missing out is if you get your tickets now. Get ready for incredible music memories!

The Gray Havens 2019 Storehouse Tour

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