Whether you get monthly laundry supplies, are buying gifts for others, or eyeing the sale price on a new UHD 4K TV – lots of us… probably most of us will be shopping at Amazon.com for something in the near future.  But also, most of us do not use the platform Amazon Smile for our shopping – but let’s change that THIS year.  If you use Amazon Smile, 0.5% of all sales is donated to the charity of choice as a sales commission.

Support UTR Media while you shop!

On the desktop, when you start typing A-M-A-Z…. stop yourself right there, and instead type in smile.amazon.com.  You can choose UTR Media as your charity of choice (or a different non-profit), and then the products, prices, checkout process, saved payment methods…. everything is the exact same as your normal Amazon shopping experience.

On the Amazon app, type “smile.amazon” into the search and then select UTR Media (or other charity).  All app purchases will now flow through Smile, and will generate funds for the charity!

The average Amazon Prime customer spends $1,400 annually on Amazon.  If only 175 of these people supported UTR Media and used the Smile platform, it would generate an estimated $1,225 per year for UTR (without anyone lifting a finger)!