We are excited to announce the release of our brand new various artists album UTR’s Best Songs of 2018.  These 16 songs represent just some of the four-dozen tracks hand-picked by our Critics’ Panel as the best individual “gourmet songs” of 2018.  This release has songs with thoughtful, honest, weighty lyrics – and a variety of musical styles represented, including pop, folk, rock, hip-hop, worship, & soul.  To be honest, this might just be the BEST compilation album that UTR has ever released.  If you enjoy it, let us know …and share the album with your friends.

The album is available NOW for streaming or digital download for FREE through NoiseTrade.  If you feel led to give back some of the blessing these songs give you by hitting up the tip jar, 100% of those funds go directly to support the non-profit work of UTR Media.

UTR’s Best Songs of 2018 – TRACK LIST

  1. Glow – Brooke Annibale
  2. Waters Roll – Jenny & Tyler
  3. Beautiful Places – Andrew Osenga
  4. Fool’s Gold – Sandra McCracken
  5. Creation to Salvation – Drakeford
  6. Bang – Moda Spira
  7. Warlike – Remedy Drive
  8. By The Fire – Joy Ike
  9. Birds, Bewildered – The Choir
  10. Down Down Low – Christa Wells
  11. 76 – Von Strantz
  12. House on Fire – Wild Harbors
  13. 8:31 – Nick Flora
  14. Every Seed Must Die – The Promise is Hope
  15. Kill and Bury – Jessica Crawford
  16. Every Power Wide Awake – John Van Deusen