GRAMMY Award-winning record producer Charlie Peacock begins 2021 with the release of his 14th career vocal studio album, Skin and Wind. We are so blessed that Charlie decided to donate all revenue from the sale of his CD Bundle to support the non-profit work of UTR Media and the Nashville Rescue Mission.

The limited-edition CD Bundle is the only chance to purchase the music in physical form (there are no current plans to press vinyl).  Here is what is included in the bundle:

  • Physical CD (signed by CP) and hand-numbered to 300
  • Digital download of the album (within 24 hours of purchase)
  • Download of never-before-heard unreleased CP song
  • Entry into drawing (exclusive to CD Bundle buyers) of CP’s West Coast Diaries, Vol.2 on new vinyl LP
  • New exclusive video interview with CP


“The metaphor of wind has been front and center for the poetic mind since the spark of time and human reflection. And then there is skin – a sheath of magic holding us together; skin as the beloved community. The faith-forming mystery of Emmanuel is that He is the God of skin. Put skin together with wind, and all manner of Spirit, mystery, and motion come clean. And if you dare feel it, in part or total, there is a mind bend on offer.”