New Album: Live At ETTL Vol.4!


UTR’s new compilation Live At Escape To The Lake, Vol.4 just released on NoiseTrade, and is available to download for FREE (and any tips will 100% support UTR). You’ll love getting a taste of our annual ETTL retreat with some live performances you can’t find anywhere else!

1. “Not Too Late” [LIVE] – Andy Gullahorn
2. “Set Me Right” [LIVE] – Jess Ray
3. “Burn” [LIVE] – Branches
4. “The Dream” [LIVE] – Jimmy Abegg (ft The Mosleys)
5. “Deja Vu” [LIVE] – Taylor Leonhardt
6. “Josephine” [LIVE] – forBrothers
7. “It’s All Coming Together” [LIVE] – Nick Flora
8. “40 Miles” [LIVE] – Mr & Mrs Something
9. “You Seem Yourself” [LIVE] – Giants & Pilgrims
10. “Don’t Ever Die” [LIVE] – Joy Ike
11. “Call The Ships Home” [LIVE] – The Asking
12. “Take Me Down” [LIVE] – Son of Laughter
13. “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child” [LIVE] – Alison Brook
14. “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” [LIVE] – Jill Phillips

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