We love discovering and sharing new artists with a flair for creating excellent music.  Usually, we don’t have the privilege of discovering artists quite THIS early.  Thanks to a mutual friend at The Rabbit Room, we were introduced to new singer-songwriter Haylie Allcott – who graciously allowed us to offer a world premiere of her debut single “When The King Comes” on Episode 90 of the Gourmet Music Podcast.  Here’s our recent conversation with this budding artist.

UTR: When did you discover your deep love of music? 
Haylie: I remember being about 5 years old and participating in some kind of music program and just having this sort of matter-of-fact thought of “I’m a singer.” And it really had nothing to do with a profession or being famous or even a high estimation of my own skill, just the knowledge that it is – if not who I am – part of what I’m made to do.
UTR: Who were the artists that inspired you – both early and more recent? 
Haylie: My songwriting has been heavily influenced by folks like Brooke Ligertwood, Dave Barnes, James Taylor on one hand – but I also grew up on trad music which refers to jigs, reels, and songs from Celtic countries. The Chieftains are my most favorite trad band of all time!! It might sound strange, but I also have to add composer John Williams. I have long loved epic, beautiful movie scores and listen to them frequently – the works of Williams are some of my favorites.
UTR:  What is the story behind writing your first single, “When The King Comes”? 
Haylie: “When the King Comes” is a song born out of the deep longing that comes from living between the now and the not yet, longing for the day when our King comes, takes all that is wrong, broken, and evil and makes it right, whole, and new. And while it’s true that we often long for that day from a place of lament, it comes with the fierce companion of deep, inexpressible hope. To know that glory is breaking through, that underneath these shadowlands is true reality- that is a hope big enough to meet the bitterest of disappointments.
UTR:  What were some of the emotions you have as a new artist releasing a debut song?
Haylie: I’m not usually short on words, but it has been hard to find the right ones to wrap around these emotions in particular. How do you communicate what it means to fulfill a lifelong dream that is so deep in the core of who you are, and which had been out of reach for so long it had become at times nothing more than a source of angst and pain? So, what I’m saying is, it means a lot – lol! It feels like relief, finally having a song – and this song in particular – out in the world!! I’m so thankful to God for providing to make it happen.
UTR:  Do you have any plans on recording more music in the near future?
Haylie: I sincerely hope so! I have so much I’d love to create and share. For now, I do share rough versions of things on my patreon for folks who want to support the journey – even some they can download! I also share music on Tiktok and Instagram. If anyone is interested in those, they can find me at patreon.com/haylieallcott or @hayliesmusic on Tiktok, Instagram, and Haylie Allcott on Facebook. Thank you for listening!

We encourage you to watch this fantastic lyric video for “When The King Comes” – which was produced by Haylie herself!  Also add the song to your personal Spotify playlists – find it here.

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