Sep-Oct 2019 HSM Playlist


Why do we love curating and celebrating ‘gourmet music’? Not only do we believe that it’s the most meaningful music on the planet today, but we are also convinced of the benefits this music can be to your health.  These songs that are full of honesty, vulnerability, emotion, and hope can change your life for the better.  We truly believe that the more you actively engage with ‘gourmet music,’ your levels of spiritual, emotional, and mental health will improve.  One way to do it is to enjoy this new Spotify playlist with over 4.5 hours of songs that will stir your soul.


One reason why I am so excited for this new playlist is because my family experienced one of the biggest transitions of our lives since the last playlist update.  Just this month we moved our family of 7 (and the UTR headquarters) to the Nashville area.  This playlist is the first UTR project in our new digs.  There have been a lot of new albums and new singles released in the last couple of months, so on this playlist you’ll find a lot of NEW releases by folks like Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, Josh Garrels, Drakeford, Jason Gray, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Shawn McDonald, Joseph, Joel Ansett, (among others).  Plus we feature 60 other artists on this chock-full list.


“Good Luck, Kid” – Joseph
I’m Living Off the Love You Give – Robert Randolph & the Family Band
Oregon – Shawn McDonald
Tallahassee – Green River Ordinance
Not a Love Story – Teressa Mahoney
Closer Than a Brother – Josh Garrels
Be/Loved – Psallos
You Want What You Can’t Have – Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
Dear Life – Cindy Morgan
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms – Wilder Adkins (ft. Early James & the Latest)
Do It For Love [LIVE] – 77s
Toward the Pain – Joel Ansett
Ever Stay – Joy Ike
Light a Candle – Andy Gullahorn
Blood on the Floor – Nosila
Happiness – Needtobreathe
Heartland – John Tibbs
Trigger – The New Respects
It’s All Been Said Before – 6’10
Getaway Car – Make Sure
Heartbreaker [LIVE] – Matt Wertz
Lights Gone Out – Taylor Leonhardt
Rejoice – Andrew Peterson
Our Restless Hearts – Mark Heard
“Oh, Sleeper” – The Arcadian Wild
After All – Waterdeep
Secret – Parallel Stereo
The Way Back Home – Civilized Creature
Little Soul – Melody Olson
Take My Hand – Russ Mohr (ft. We Are Root Mod)
Man That I Used to Know – Apollo LTD
The Wonder – Jason Gray
I Cry – Russ Taff
Where Is Your Rider – The Oh Hellos
Disappear – Remedy Drive
“Talk, Talk, Talk” – TRALA
Save For the Wind – Jonathan Gabriel Masters
More To This Life [LIVE] – Steven Curtis Chapman
We’ll Be Alright – Drakeford
Mountain – Collington
Redeemed – Christopher Williams
The Way That You Love Me [Acoustic] – Jonathan McReynolds
The Eleventh Hour – Jars of Clay
Making Pictures – Over The Rhine
The Gardener – Son of Laughter
“I Know You’re That Way, Too” – Justin McRoberts
Point of View – Brooke Annibale
In Troubled Times – John Lyzenga
Times Like These – Jillian Edwards & Zach Berkman
Prayer After Communion – Greg LaFollette
New Creation – Ryan Gikas
Adirondack Love – Quiet Bear
Faithful – Randy Stonehill
Whatever Makes You Mine – John Van Deusen
Learn to Hide – Katie Herzig
Dreams – Titus Haug
Rise – We Are The Monks
Alone Again – Lisa Weyerhaeuser
Shepherd Child – Adam Whipple
Give Me Some Truth – New Scottish Hymns Band
Let Go Let God – Jessica Crawford
How Can I Not – Eric Lee Brumley
Why [LIVE] – Michael Card (ft. Sara Groves)
Another Yesterday – Rick Altizer
Kiteflier – Lauren Sweers
A Little Hope – Young Novalis
Spark My Heart – Aaron Strumpel
Manasseh – Ian Zumback
Red Sea – Alli Rogers
Hand of God – Jeremy Casella

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