Art is essential.  It’s something I hope we’ve all been reminded of over this last year.  And we care deeply about finding (and helping you find) the music that is spiritually, emotionally, and mentally edifying. Take some time to swim in the deep end of these songs that speak deeply to issues of love, trust, justice, confession, sanctification, and hope.  Our desire is that this is more than just entertainment, but true soul medicine!

Curator’s Notes  (HSM #14)

The beginning of 2021 has already shown us some incredible new singles, EPs, and albums – and we feature a LOT of brand new music on this playlist (e.g. Propaganda, Ginny Owens, Jon Foreman, Madison Cunningham, JUDAH., Ross King, Carolyn Arends, and several more).  One of the highlights of this collection is that there are at least 12 artists who are making a first time appearance on the HSM playlist – lots of discoveries await!  (Dave)



The Valley of the Shadow of Planned Obsolescence – Jon Foreman
All My Heroes Are Underdogs – Ross King
We No Entiende – Propaganda (ft. Swoope)
Beat of Your Own – Katie Herzig
Rhythm of the East – The Gray Havens
Broken Harvest – Madison Cunningham
Leave Some of the End Loose – Jon Troast
Broken Beautifully (Airport Man Song) – Ginny Owens
Never Dim – The Waiting
Fullness of God – JUDAH.
Shoes – The New Respects
Restless Ones (2020 Reimagined) – Josh Garrels
Speak – Jeremy Casella
Let Me Through – Jess Ray (ft. Jacob Early)
Why Even Try [LIVE] – Colony House
No One Anyway – Scott Mulvahill
Woke Up – Treva Blomquist
To The Sun – The Asking
Holding On – Strahan
I’ve Seen Too Much – Andrew Peterson
Man That is Born of a Woman – Rachel Wilhelm
Looking Back is a Lie – Physick
Just a Closer Walk With Thee – Paul Zach (ft. Page CXVI)
Let Us Say – Weston Skaggs
Psalm 118 – Mona Reeves
First Love – Young Oceans
Maker of the Moon [LIVE] – Elle Limebear
Jesus Freak [REMIX] – DC Talk (ft. Owl City)
Highlights – The Classic Crime
Presence – Joseph
Fragile Friend – Roemer
You Are a Song [LIVE] – Jenny & Tyler
Sing Anyway – Hannah Miller
Trouble Gonna Come – Andy Squyres
Out of the Dust – Peace
Passover – Burlap to Cashmere
Too Far Gone – Julie Lee
Take Me With You – Matthew Clark
Take Me Back – Drakeford
Your Heart Was Set – Caroline Cobb (ft. Sean Carter)
Sit Down Servant [LIVE] – Mike Farris (ft. The McCrary Sisters)
Why Me – CeCe Winans
Come Judgement Day – John Lucas
Time – Remedy Drive
Don’t Let the Enemy In [LIVE] – Land of Color
Come Clean – Out of the Grey
Ah o Oh – 6’10
Straw Man – Glenn Kaiser
Father [Unplugged] – Emilie Weiss (ft. Of the Land)
Innocent Lives – Common Hymnal
God Bless the Poor – Steve Bell
Whom Have I in Heaven But You? (Psalm 73) – Rick Lee James
The Man I Thought I’d Never Be – Anthony Quails
Becoming Human – Carolyn Arends (ft. The McCrary Sisters)
Silence – Copperlily
Cumulonimbus – Graham Jones
Jesus You Come – Tenielle Neda (ft. Jon Guerra)
Meet Your Maker [LIVE] – John Mark Pantana
The Silent River – Greg LaFollette
His Love Is My Resting Place – Wendell Kimbrough
Overflow – Fox & Foal
Look for the Helpers – Paul Demer
The Flat on Church Street – Jen Miller Music Collective
To See the Bound Made Free – John Lyzenga
When This Day Ends – Saint Lewis (ft. McKendree Augustas, Mark Siegel)