If you’ve paid attention to the news headlines, you might immediately struck with sorrow and ache as the brokenness of the world seems to be on full display.  The darkness seems to swell at times and swallow our hearts.  We believe positive, hope-filled, Gospel-centered music can cut the darkness like a beam of bright light. Our hope is that the prayers, anthems, and reflections heard on this playlist will “guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:7)

Curator’s Notes (JUN-AUG 2022)

It was fun to incorporate some incredible brand-new songs (Citizens, Jill Phillips, Switchfoot, Melanie Penn, The Walls Group, Madison Cunningham, Matthew Clark) with some mature songs from well-loved artists (Andrew Peterson, Remedy Drive, John Tibbs, Ross King, Eric Peters, Robbie Seay Band) alongside some fun live tracks and remixes (Needtobreathe, Wendell Kimbrough, Gable Price & Friends, JUDAH, Amy Stroup).  My hope is that these songs help you push back against the darkness and fill your lives with hope!  (Dave)

TRACK LIST – Heart, Soul, & Mind #18 (JUN-AUG 2022)

Psalm 118 – Poor Bishop Hooper
Everything and More – Citizens
I See A King – The Wood Drake Sessions (ft. Liz Vice)
Interrobang – Switchfoot
Pale Moonlight – The Gray Havens
Chase the Light – Matt Wertz
Just Jump – Melanie Penn
The Dark Before the Dawn – Andrew Peterson
We Will Rise – Karin Simmons
The Last Summer – Tyson Motsenbocker
Anywhere – Madison Cunningham
Spinnin’ Round – PFR
Great Night [LIVE] – Needtobreathe
The Road – Drakeford
Your Love – DJ & Marv
Odds – Mat Kearney
Paint a Picture – Eric Cohen
Demons [LIVE] – Gable Price and Friends
Just Like You – NF
Gonna Be Alright – Mali Music
Eyes Only for You – Ecclesia & Montell Fish
Mercy Triumph – Josh Garrels
Back Burner [Remix] – Amy Stroup
Daylight – Jordy Searcy
Mandela – Royce Lovett
What If I Would Say? – Charlie Dodrill
I Will Carry You – Ellie Holcomb
More Than The View – Graham Jones
Love Cuz We’re Loved – Tenielle Neda (ft. Paul Zach)
Home – John Mark Pantana
Formed – Cariff State & Hannah Hubin
Great Big Universe – Satellite Soul
Today Dream – Eric Peters
Nobody’s Fault – Natalie Schlabs
God Coughed and Woke Me Up – Andy Zipf
How Long? – Weston Skaggs
Prison of the Past – Jill Phillips
Psalm 150 – The Corner Room
Make It Better – Ruby Amanfu
God Put a Smile On My Face – Hollow Hum (ft. Hannah Miller)
Violent Blue – Chagall Guevara
The Everlasting Man – Terry Scott Taylor
The Last Time I Saw Eden – The Choir
Choose to Love – Carrollton
Feast of Your Faithfulness – Bethany Barnard
Golden – Ross King
Leave Some of the Ends Loose – Jon Troast
Emma – Teressa Mahoney
Brighter Than Apathy – Remedy Drive
Just Because [Remix] – JUDAH
Chicago – Mandi Mapes
Crazy – The Walls Group
Icarus – Joshua Luke Smith (ft. Wild Sons)
We’re A Band – Audio Adrenaline
Innocent – K.S. Rhoads
Not My Kind of World – Lowland Hum
Until My Heart Grows Quiet – Ash & Eric
Everything But You – Matthew Clark
Wonderer – Geryah Dingle
Almost Home – Matt Boswell & Matt Papa
Floating on Water – Allie Murphy
Jesus Laughs – Justin Carlson
“Known, Seen, Loved [LIVE]” – MORIAH
Runaway – John Tibbs
The Promise – The Porter’s Gate (ft. Molly Parden & Jonathan Ogden)
Real Kind of Love – Dante Bowe
Be Alright – Canyon Worship (ft. Amanda Riffe)
Brave – Eden Wilhelm
Shine Your Light on Us [Acoustic] – Robbie Seay Band (ft. Shane & Shane)
Shape I’m In – Treva Blomquist
Oh Give Thanks (Psalm 107) [LIVE] – Wendell Kimbrough