20th Century American composer Aaron Copeland once said: “So long as the human spirit thrives on this planet, music in some living form will accompany and sustain it.”  It is true that none of us can imagine the human experience without music to help us celebrate, dance, lament, worship, grieve, protest, imagine, and wonder.  And as people of faith, we are often looking for music that speaks to our heart, soul, & mind.  We are excited to bring you this 70-song playlist filled with life-giving music.  Enjoy!

Curator’s Notes  (OCT-DEC 2023)

We took a break from doing playlist updates to work on some special projects, but it’s nice to be back with a LOT of great songs to enjoy (in fact, over 4.5 hours). You’ll find some brand new releases, fun throwbacks, and a lot of first-time artists making their UTR debut. My hope is that these songs help you rediscover your soul-connection to music.  (Dave)


HSM Playlist #22 (OCT-DEC 2023)

Death Defying Joy – Andy Squyres
Have Mercy – Paper Horses
Manna (After All These Years) – Chris Renzema
Daylight – Wild Harbors
Away – KB (ft. Limoblaze)
Air I Breathe [LIVE] – Mat Kearney
HIStory – JUDAH (ft. Benjamin William Hastings)
Do what we can – Tina Boonstra
Son of David – Adrian Mathenia
Love One Another – Russ Mohr
Big God – Terrian
Revolution – Jars Of Clay
Losing My Head – Mike Mains & The Branches
Time Has Come [LIVE] – Wildwood Kin
Ruins – Drakeford
Carnival of the Animals – Christa Wells
Take My Cup – Andrew Greer
Bittersweet – Marc Scibilia
Honeysuckle Blue – Mike Farris
Joy – The Choir Room Version – Ben Rector & The Choir Room
How Long Will Be Too Long – Michael W. Smith
I Don’t Want To Miss It – Ellie Holcomb
After All These Years – Andrew Peterson
Fairest Lord Jesus – Poor Bishop Hooper
Come to the Altar – Brothers McClurg
Look At Love – Blessing Offor
Twenty-Four (Our Version) – Switchfoot
Best Friend [REMIX] – Jess Ray
Sons of Thunder – Owl City
Heart Lake – John Van Deusen
Easy on Me – Carly Taich
I’ll Fly Away [LIVE] – The Gray Havens (ft. Antoine Bradford & LOVKN)
Are You Feeling Good – Gabrielle Grace
Babylon – Thomas Austin
The Fall Song – Joy Ike
Cedar / Trinity – Giants & Pilgrims
Your Worst Day – Andy Gullahorn
Look for Miracles – JJ Heller
The Dry Bones Dance – Mark Heard
Double Yellow Lines – Johan Glidden
Go To Church – Zambroa
Rise Up – Kristen Budde
New Lands – Andersen Coates
Not Where You Belong – Mary Oz, Olive Grove Women
Calling Me Home – Taylor Armstrong
Shedding Skin – Lucy Grimble
1934 – Matt Wheeler
Consider Me – poems of grace
Garden King – Sam Bowman
History Maker – Delirious?
For Two – Geryah Dingle
In the Name of the Lord – Anthony Quails
Quiet Talk – Jillian Edwards
Mars – Sleeping At Last
Phosphorescence – Kylie Dailey
All Along – Wake Low
Pax Melodiam [LIVE] – Remedy Drive (ft. Tim Buell)
Falling Like Fire – Aryn Michelle
Mercy Mercy – 77s
Heartland – Wilder Woods
Have Mercy – Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Lifeline – Griffin House
How It Goes – Lauren Mann
Barbie Nation – Randy Stonehill
Love In the Time of Madness – Josh Gauton
Slow Down – iAmSon
Serenity – Allie Crummy
Chains – Jason Harrod
Ghost In The Needle – The Wayside
Seen – Tauren Wells (ft. Katie Torwalt)