You are what you listen to.  Okay, I don’t think that’s exactly how that phrase goes.  However, the music you choose to consume can impact your life in positive and negative ways.  The conclusion of a 2022 study at Harvard Medical School states: “Music boosts our mood and well-being, and music therapy may help during treatments for certain health conditions.”  We offer you a curated list of gourmet music because we believe it is full of artistic depth, creative energy, and spiritual encouragement.  Will this playlist cure your current health crisis?  Not likely.  But discovering some of the most meaningful music on the planet is sure to boost your mental health and give you a better outlook on life.  Enjoy and be well!

Curator’s Notes  (FEB-APR 2024)

There is a LOT to discover on this playlist with over 4.5 hours of well-crafted music.  Many artists released projects or singles over the last few weeks (and in the last couple of months of 2023) – and so the majority of songs here are hot off the presses.  But we also include live renditions, remixes, throwbacks, and some debuting artists.  Hopefully this is as fun for you as it was for me to put it together. (Dave)


HSM Playlist #23 (FEB-APR 2024)

More To This – Marc Scibilia
What If – Jess Ray
Headlights Home – Mat Kearney
Struttin’ – The New Respects
Good Day – Forrest Frank
It’s A Great Day to Be Alive [LIVE] – Ben Rector
No Home But You – Anchor Hymns
Be Yourself – Wilder Woods (ft. The War and Treaty)
This One’s Going to Hurt – Beta Radio
The Howling – Rich Mullins
Into the Unseen – Waterdeep
Saved by Grace – Cole McSween
For A Little While – Cecily
The Way I Think – Johan Glidden
Surrender – “Joshua Luke Smith (ft. Jake Isaac, Deyah, Joel Baker)”
I Give Up – The Royal Foundry
Knocking on Exits – Moon Bride (ft. Stephanie Morgan)
Rock Solid – Russ Taff
Show Up – Jill Phillips
God of Color – Common Hymnal
Burgundy Leaves – Peter Barry
Forgone – Tow’rs
Keep Me Runnin’ – Ashley Cleveland
Rabbit & the Bear – Josh Garrels
Break The Mold – The Other Thomas
Death By Suspicion – Madison Cunningham
123 Victory [REMIX] – Kirk Franklin (ft. Pharrell Williams)
Irene – The River Indigo
You Restore My Soul – Bethany Barnard
Late-Bloomer – Oh Jeremiah
Lapis Lazuli – The Oh Hellos
The Plans – We The Kingdom
My Inheritance – Cory Asbury
The Potter and the Clay – J Lind
He Sees You – Terrian
Southbound Train [LIVE] – Jon Foreman
No One Else – Fernando Ortega
Foolish & Ruined – Eliza King (ft. Kate Gurren)
Broken Hearts – Tobi-A (ft. Adiah & LukeNovember)
Butterflies – We The Least
Mercy – Andrew Greer (ft. Cindy Morgan)
Grand Canyon – Susan Ashton
Here It Was – Ben Shive
Take It Easy – The Porter’s Gate (ft. Matt Maher & Paul Zach)
Earth is Going Out of Business – Julie on the Internet
Gardens – Ivan Theva
Stir One Another – Treva Blomquist
Return My Heart to My Chest – Joe Day
War Stories – Justin McRoberts
Everything That Rises – Sufjan Stevens
Insult Like the Truth – Charlie Peacock
My Kitchen Floor – Addison Agen
Investigate – Sam McCabe
Love Is a Dance – John Lucas (ft. Taylor Leonhardt)
Shake it Off – The McCrary Sisters
Place in This World – For King & Country (ft. Michael W. Smith)
Take It Away [Piano Version] – One Common
A Sentimental Song – The Choir
Make It a Garden – Ricky Vazquez & Abby Siler
Nothing To Do With It – Aedan Peterson
You – Taylor Armstrong
Deliver Me – Legin
The River – Julie Lee
The Maker Himself – Jaron Micah
Best Days [LIVE] – Geoff Moore & the Distance
It’s Hard to Pray Anymore – Andy Zipf
Can’t Take it With Us – The Mosleys
Brother’s Keeper – Mitch McVicker
Even in Your Silence – Emily McCoy (ft. Middlebrook Music)
Everything’s Okay – Julianne Wonser