Why do we love curating and celebrating ‘gourmet music’? Not only do we believe that it’s the most meaningful music on the planet today, but we are also convinced of the benefits this music can be to your health.  These songs that are full of honesty, vulnerability, emotion, and hope can change your life for the better.  We truly believe that the more you actively engage with ‘gourmet music,’ your levels of spiritual, emotional, and mental health will improve.  One way to do it is to enjoy this new HSM playlist with over 4.5 hours of songs that will stir your soul.

Curator’s Notes  (MAY-AUG 2024)

This year has been a bit rough.  Of course, there is so much good all around me.  Yet, I didn’t know I would be experiencing hardship, surrender, pitfalls, and changes that would be this difficult.  I am personally so thankful for the ‘gourmet music’ in my life that helps me make sense of the world and gives me a better perspective.  My heart was even encouraged as I picked the songs for this playlist update.  I hope you enjoy the fun mix of new, old, remixes, live tracks, and maybe even some brand new music discoveries for you.  Grace and peace to you all as you enjoy the Summer months!  (Dave)


HSM Playlist #24 (MAY-AUG 2024)

Soul’s a Camera – Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors
Spring Creek – Zach Winters
Leads Me Home – The War and Treaty
I’m On Your Side – Andrew Osenga
It’s Okay to Cry – JJ Heller
One of Those Days – Colony House
Under the Circus Lights [LIVE] – Owl City
No Limit to Your Love – John Van Deusen
Both Ways – Gabrielle Grace
Cup is Full – Green River Ordinance
Valleys Fill First – Caedmon’s Call
Hammering Heart [Reimagined] – John Mark McMillan (ft. Sleeping At Last)
Only You Can Do – Gloria Gaynor
Garment of Praise – Martin Smith
Big Feelings – Andrew Ripp
At This Table – Christopher Williams
Mercy – Hope Newman Kemp
The Robe – Wes King
Things We Don’t Believe Anymore [Reimagined] – Brooke Annibale
One True Love – John Tibbs
Deliverance – Strahan
Dream Explorer – Gileah Taylor
Hold Him High – Citizens (ft. Mitch Wong)
My Soul Depends [LIVE] – Mission House (ft. Dee.Wilson)
Hideaway – Needtobreathe
Burdens Down – Cory Henry (ft. Eric Gales)
Someday This Will All Make Sense – Dave Barnes
Share the Load – Eric Lee Brumley
What A Wonderful World – Jillian Edwards
Float [REMIX] – Switchfoot
So Will I – Sam Ryden
Tenant – Adam Agin
Hope Chest – Brettan Cox
This is the Way Love Is – 77s
Somebody’s Child – Blessing Offor (ft. Dolly Parton)
Peace Over Anxiety – Savannah Locke
God is Good (All the Time) [Soul Version] – Austin French
Today – Coqui
Not My Home – Luke Bower
Truly Amazing – The Waiting
What Remains – Dustin Starks
Enough – Sara Groves
Wendy Darling – Tyson Motsenbocker
“Death, You Terrible Thing” – Caroline Cobb
My Time Will Come – Scott Mulvahill
I Don’t Wanna Live Like This [LIVE] – Gable Price and Friends
Repeater – The Local Hang-Ups
You Belong – Matthew Clark
Birthday Cards – Wilder Adkins
Do Not Worry – Allie Murphy
Gladly Give – James Robert Kibby
Adulting [LIVE] – Jonathan McReynolds & Mali Music
Secret Place – Asha Elia (ft. Jonathan Ogden)
Sun From Both Sides – River and Rail
Do Something – Ash & Eric
Is It Any Wonder – Nichole Nordeman
Never Runs Out [LIVE] – Tim Timmons (ft. Chris Cleveland)
Kaleidoscope – Kylie Dailey
Matthew 11:28-30 – The Corner Room
Wonder-Dummied – Brooke Waggoner
Manifesto – Elias Dummer
The Miracle – Cindy Morgan (ft. Wayne Kirkpatrick)
Flash – Clear
Married in a Dream – Phillip Vo
Cry Me A River – The River Cryers
In Days to Come – Sarah Hart
Highway [LIVE] – As Isaac
Hallelujah Song – Pierce Pettis
Grace is Gold – Son of Laughter
Sad to Watch You Wave – Eric Peters