Interview with Lacy Blonn


One of the great joys we get to take part in is helping people discover artists that become beloved and maybe even a favorite for years to come.  It’s especially encouraging when we get the chance to be there at the beginning of someone’s career.  A couple of years ago, we met Lacy Blonn, a student at Visible Music College who graciously volunteered as a videographer at Escape To The Lake in both 2017 & 2018. A few months ago, she released her debut EP Carried, which is a tender and beautiful collection of original acoustic worship songs – available now on Spotify and on iTunes.  We are so glad we got to catch up with her this week.

UTR: What is the path that led you to study at Visible Music College?

Lacy:  Worship leading is kind of in my blood. Both my mother and father were involved in worship, my grand parents and their parents as well. In 2014 Visible Music College, located in Memphis TN, decided to plant a campus in the Chicagoland area and my home church at the time was instrumental in that process. When God opens an accredited worship school in your hometown you start to wonder if you should pursue your passions and step out in faith. So at the very last minute, about two weeks before classes started, I auditioned, registered and moved into the student housing as an RA. It was a great decision and I’m excited to graduate soon.

UTR: How long have you been writing your own music, and what inspires your songwriting?
Lacy:  I started writing about 6 years ago but it wasn’t until Visible that I started taking myself and my craft seriously. I was just so inspired being around so many creatives that after my first semester I really started pushing myself as a songwriter and writing more and more. Most of my songs are inspired from experiences, like my travels to Argentina or my times with the Lord. I love incorporating imagery so going to places and doing things really spark something in me.
UTR:  Last year, you released Carried, your debut EP. What was the creation process like?
Lacy:  The creation process for Carried was so fun and collaborative! I basically worked with my friends, both staff and students. It was kind of freeing to simply invite people into the project who I respected and admired and just allow them space to create. It was also awesome to team up with producer Kristian Black. He contributed to this project as both a musician, arranger, and engineer.
UTR: What do you hope listeners experience when engaging with this EP?
Lacy: My desire is that Carried brings people into a place of rest and hope as they remember God’s goodness and faithfulness. I didn’t want to write songs that would be sung only on Sunday mornings and sit idle the rest of the week. My hope is that these songs could live in people’s lives, not in a church building.
UTR: One standout song is the 70s folk style track “Come and Rule.” What is the story behind that one?
Lacy: “Come and Rule” was written in about 20 minutes on a Sunday afternoon. I came home, grabbed my guitar and just thought I’d try to write something. Honestly, it kind of felt like a download of information that I was scribbling down as fast as I could. After I pieced it together, moving a verse around here and there, I remember making my roommates listen to me sing it over and over. Luckily, they loved it as much as I did. That is definitely not my normal writing process but it’s a special song I think, so it makes sense that it was written in a special way.
UTR: Only part of what you do artistically is being a singer-songwriter.  What other creative endeavors are you pursuing?
Lacy:  Songwriting isn’t my only artistic pursuit right now. I have been involved in videography for over ten years and it too is a passion of mine. Video is big right now and that’s because it’s a medium you can clearly and beautifully express yourself and your story through. There’s power in sharing your story and lucky for me being a songwriter, videographer and worship leader let me do just that.

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