We love introducing people to new artists. If you haven’t yet discovered new husband-wife duo Kenny & Claire, you’ll be thankful for this post.  They’ve been on a long (and sometimes harrowing) journey that has led them to the launch of this musical adventure.  Their debut EP Are You Weary just released last week (Spotify link), and they are taking ancient hymn texts and putting it to melodic folk music (think Indelible Grace). We are thrilled that we got to interview this lovely couple.

UTR: What led you to become a husband-wife recording artist?

Claire: We’ve been playing music together since our relationship started 16 years ago and we haven’t stopped since. It’s pretty natural for us.

UTR: How important is it for us today to connect to old spiritual poetry and sacred hymns?

Kenny: It’s important because every generation has its own blind spots and the older writings of generations that have gone before can help us fill in the blind spots of our generation. There’s also the encouragement of hearing from saints who managed to remain faithful their whole life even through struggle.

UTR: What is the overall theme of the new EP Are You Weary?

Claire: The overall theme is genuine hope in Christ that’s present in the everyday and in the midst of suffering.

UTR:  What do you hope listeners walk away with?

Kenny:  That they’re not alone. We’re not the only ones with these struggles; they’re common. The struggles are real. The pain is very real and Satan wants us to feel that we’re alone but we’re not.
Claire:  I want the listener to walk away encouraged to press on in the faith, reminded of our hope in Christ.

UTR: Are You Weary was crowdfunded through a successful Kickstarter campaign. How did it feel to have a supportive community behind this?

Kenny: It was just amazing to know that people believed in what we were doing and that it’s bigger than us. It reminded me that we need community and that the church at large is a community.
Claire: Overwhelming. Humbling. Grateful. It encouraged us so much to keep going in our craft knowing that a supportive community was behind us.
UTR: Besides music, what are some of your favorite simple pleasures of life?
Claire: Our family loves to camp, hike, & have adventures. I’m pretty happy when I have my coffee mug, journal, fountain pen & a Bible (& a guitar but you said “no music.”) LOL!
Kenny: I personally thrive being outdoors & working with my hands.

Kenny and Claire (and their children) are based out of Nashville, TN – and more info about them and their music is at http://www.kennyandclaire.com.  They were recently a guest on UTR’s Backyard Concert Series (check it out below).