Take a musical journey back to Bethlehem as we celebrate Emmanuel – God is with us through the arrival of our savior Jesus. This collection of 15 songs are all original compositions from superb songwriters like Sarah Hart, Randall Goodgame, Melanie Penn, & Carolyn Arends (among others). We hope this compilation adds warmth, joy, and wonder to your Advent season.  Follow The Star: 15 Christmas Originals is presented by UTR Media and is available to stream or download for free on NoiseTrade.

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  1. “Follow The Star” – Melanie Penn
  2. “Little Sheep” – Son of Laughter
  3. “Peace, Love and Light” – The Choir
  4. “All is Well” – Sarah Hart
  5. “City of David” – The Gray Havens
  6. “Vacancy” – Carolyn Arends
  7. “Evergreen” – Nick Flora & Stacy Lantz
  8. “Shepherd’s Song” – As Isaac
  9. “When The Fullness of Time Had Come” – Randall Goodgame (ft. Ellie Holcomb)
  10. “A Prophet’s King” – We Are The Monks
  11. “The Word Became Flesh” – John Millea
  12. “The Beginning of Love” – Andrew Greer
  13. “All Your Glory” – Karla Adolphe
  14. “Humble King” – Wes Pickering
  15. “The Last Needle” – Jon Troast