Our curator team returns again to share inspiring new music with you. Here is the August 2023 edition of UTR Media’s New & Notable with a wide range of musical styles and artists. Let us know if any of these recordings have impacted you and feel free to make your own suggestions. If you have music you would like us to consider, send an email to utrsubmissions@gmail.com.


You Are With Me – Leslie Jordan

Best known these days as a songwriter for other artists, Leslie Jordan’s new EP beautifully shares her original version of tracks like “A Thousand Shores” originally performed by Citizens. Also featuring the duet “Let It Be Lovely” with Jillian Edwards, this EP will center you as you come home to your identity in Christ. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK

Jeremiah – Rachel Wilhelm

Another impactful record from Rachel Wilhelm this time exploring Jeremiah and there’s a lot to explore. An outstanding supporting team that included Phil Keaggy contributed to a truly notable release. You need to check out all of her music. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK  BANDCAMP LINK

Kings Kaleidoscope – Kings Kaleidoscope

Unique and always experimental musicianship underscores truly one-of-a-kind lyrics. A breath of fresh air when so much music sounds samey-samey. SPOTIFY LINK   YOUTUBE LINK

And Be With You – Colorvault

We’ve been loving the recent Colorvault singles- collaborations with Young Oceans, Alex Taylor, and A. Bishai. And now, with the release of the album, we have a full dozen tracks of their amazing music. Fresh, Modern, Energetic, Chill.  SPOTIFY LINK     YOUTUBE LINK

Manna Pt.1 – Chris Renzema

In his latest recording, Chris Renzema delivers a set of comforting and honest tunes, embracing the duality of a life with doubt and faith, cynicism and hope, mental illness and restoration. Evocative and heartfelt, this is something special.  SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK

Rivers to Eden – poems of grace

The third release from poems of grace can be described with one word – Excellent! The vocals of Peter and Grace Assad are just superb and the overall production qualities and songwriting are stellar. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK

a glass, darkly – Zambroa

An honest and personal look at Biblical truths presented with the best kind of well-executed alt-rock. Impressive stuff. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK

Slow Renaissance – Josh Gauton

This expertly crafted album from Josh Gauton would have easily fit right in with albums from the late 60s to early 70s, and that’s very high praise. Musically full without being overproduced. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK

Revealing – Brothers X Sisters

This worship collective from Kentucky have put out an amazing album of modern pop songs of faith and devotion. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK

Therapy – ONE GLORY

Get away from the noise, put on the headphones, and prepare yourself for songs of vulnerability, brokenness, and… hope. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK

New York Sessions – Katy Nichole

After the success of her album Jesus Changed My Life, Katy made her mark as an emerging CCM artist who was unafraid to talk about hope, mental health, and healing. With her New York Sessions EP, she takes a stripped-back approach and delivers her hits with a power and authenticity that will endear those better drawn to the indie and songwriter genres. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK


“Begin Again” – Remedy Drive

With heavy drums, a driving guitar, and vocals from David Zach, the new single from Remedy Drive is a powerful anthem, capturing the stories of survivors of human trafficking. The second track from their fourth (recently fully funded) counter-trafficking album in support of The Exodus Road, we have a lot to look forward to. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK

 “Have Mercy” – Paper Horses

Underground female supergroup in the making – Jess Ray, Leslie Jordan, Taylor Leonhardt, and Sandra McCracken create an Americana treasure with a heavy focus on harmonies and simple musicianship. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK

“Shedding Skin” – Lucy Grimble

Laid-back music, beautiful vocals, and thoughtful lyrics about what it means to die to self and live for Christ. SPOTIFY LINK   YOUTUBE LINK

“Radical Love” – Melanie Waldman

The kind of love that Jesus showed us was and is radical. What a splendid, beautiful recording Melanie Waldman has given us to encourage us to do the same. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK

“Sweet Tea” – Sarah Gerald

After releasing a single four years ago, Sweet Tea signals Sarah Gerald’s entrance to country music. Showing off her flare for storytelling, and with a sense of hopefulness, this is an exciting single from an artist well-known in Nashville’s songwriter and worship scene. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE

“Somewhere Down the Road” – The Steeldrivers

Making music since 2008 this quintet crafts deeply southern gospel Americana that honors the traditions of country and gospel music. Richly textured instrumentation with a solid twang that you forget because the song is so good. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK

“God Is an Artist” – Kate Gurren

A slow build of chill music with some great drums & saxophone. Lyrics that compel us to rethink our purpose as humans and the artistry of our creator. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK

“Numb” – Hunter Plake

A former contestant on The Voice starts making his own original songs in a decidedly pop direction. Jangly, ethereal guitars underlie a strong message of being alive to the events of life. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK

“Blue Skies” –  Xander Sallows

Synth-pop juicy goodness by a virtual unknown. Watch this college kid soar to new heights when he finishes mid-terms and graduates. SPOTIFY LINK  YOUTUBE LINK