We have so much respect for the artists who are consistently producing high-quality meaningful, faith-based music, and are pleased to be able to share their wonderful songs. So here is the January 2024 New & Notable edition. If you have music you would like us to consider or know of such music send an email to utrsubmissions@gmail.com. We appreciate those of you who have sent us emails about new music. You can be sure that some of this music ends up here.


Downcast Souls Expectant Hearts – Resound Worship

This impressive double album from Resound Worship contains all original songs with themes of sorrow, lament, and hope. The project represents the work of dozens from their community in the UK and beyond. It is all beautifully performed and recorded.  SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

A Sure Hope: Hymns of Romans – Psallos

Psallos’ previous albums were clever musical adaptations of Romans, Philippians, Hebrews, and Jude – all worth checking out. Based on Romans, this is the first in a series of planned congregational-friendly album companions for each of their adaptations and it is wonderful! We are certainly looking forward to more.  SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

The Restoration – Joseph, Pt. Two – Neal Morse

Imagine being transported into a combined session of Yes and Rush making a concept album and you might get a little of the feel of this well-crafted, sonically pleasing story of Joseph’s biblical journey. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK


Paul Zach’s music has a spark in it that refreshes and inspires. This album is no exception. It contains funk, folk, ballads, upbeat hand-clapping tap-your-foot gospel sounds, and reverent moods. It all works fantastically! You will be glad when you cannot get some of these songs out of your head. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Matin: Rest – Jess Ray

Jess describes this as a set of quiet songs at sunrise but this record would be meaningful at any time of the day. It is meant to be played straight through without interruptions and we particularly recommend watching the YouTube video where you can see the entire record being recorded live. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Battlelands, Vol. 2 – Ian Yates

A short but poignant EP that describes the daily battle to keep our focus on Jesus when so much in the world opposes that simple effort. Musically unique and un-cliched in surprising ways, this effort might invite you to listen to more of Yates’s catalog.  SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Man on Fire – Luke Bower

Fans of acoustic folk with country flavors will devour this EP stomping and clapping along the way. It’s a deeply honest and vulnerable reflection on doubt & faith. Luke Bower is an artist on the rise worth following. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK  

The Fellowship Of The Broken – The Ascendants

This stellar lineup of veteran indie artists has collaborated to give us a wide variety of tunes, topics, and vocalists. It adds up to an interesting and diverse listening experience. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK  


“Headlights Home” – Mat Kearney

Fun, lively, and inviting, this new single from Mat Kearney could easily be dropped into your road trip mix tape after one listen. Looking forward to a whole new set of songs with this being the tip of the iceberg. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Time Don’t Last” – Aryn Michelle

Aryn captures something here we can all identify with. Families, children, growing up, death, moving – basically life’s journey. Doesn’t it all seem to go by so fast? This is a moving and heartfelt song.  SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

 “Honestly, We Just need Jesus” – Terrian

Taking a hard look at all the things that distract us from connection to the Lord, this song gives a sweet reminder to look in the right place for what is important. Could be everyone’s heart cry song. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Into the Unseen” – Waterdeep

This new song from Waterdeep is part of the project A New Heaven and A New Earth. It calls believers to be faithful stewards of the world we live in. Co-writer Lori Chaffer said, “If someone gave me a house, I would feel an obligation to take care of it. And how much more so if someone gave me a planet. Maybe I should consider how I live in it, and how that affects others.”  SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Don’t You Worry” – Darla Baltazar, Sarah Nathalié

Continuing to marry intentional worship with soul and R&B flavors, Darla Baltazar delights with this soothing setting of choice verses from Matthew Chapter 6. Sarah Nathalié’s vocals add a tranquil texture that reinforces the comforting truth in the lyrics. Put it on repeat! SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Here It Was” – Ben Shive

A very personal song from Ben Shive about a house that three generations of his family shared and contained many precious times and memories. It could have been anywhere, but here it was. Thanks for sharing this with us, Ben.  SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK