This edition of our New & Notable feature marks its first anniversary. We started the feature to keep you posted with the latest releases every month and sincerely hope it has been useful. There is so much great indie faith-based music out there and we do our best to inform listeners and support artists. An additional list at the end of this edition is called MORE NEW MUSIC WE RECOMMEND with more great music released in March. Getting emails about new music at is very helpful, so please keep them coming.


Somehow I Know It’s Love – Young Oceans

Put on your headphones, queue up this album, and let it wash over you with its laid-back contemplative music and devotional lyrics. Once again, Young Oceans does not disappoint! SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

No Home But You – Anchor Hymns

This beautiful EP will grab you from the start. Featuring a great lineup of musicians and singers, these catchy songs will take you to church. Give it one play and you may find yourself putting it on repeat. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Manna – Chris Renzema

With the release of the full Manna album, Renzema gives us a hopeful, cynical, raw, curious, and theologically rich release. Quirky yet relatable, and with an innate ability to weave theological ideas into common language, the additional five tracks make an already excellent release even better. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Three Gifts – Liturgical Folk, Jon Guerra

This gorgeous release is a Liturgical Folk (Ryan Flanigan) & Jon Guerra collaboration. Ryan wrote three poems and Jon put these to music with the themes of faith, hope, and love. In addition to vocals by Ryan and Jon, Tenielle Neda lends her beautiful voice to a song. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

The Pressing In – Eliza King

With beautiful vocals and scripturally rich lyrics, The Pressing In is reverent and devotional without being typical worship/CCM music. Refreshing and genuine. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Memory Salesman I – Daniel Hardin

Indie pop, funk, rock, even a touch of soul – this project has it all. Start with the track “The Dead and Me”, then go back and enjoy the whole ten-track album & enjoy the surprise cover song! Give it a listen & see if you add his music to your regular rotation. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Sign & Wonder – Sophia Rebekah Mitchell

Fans of the pure singer/songwriter spirit will soak up the goodness of this album that’s all contained within one beautiful voice, delicate guitar, and soul-stirring lyrics. The simplicity of the arrangements allows the yearning soul of this project to shine. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Soul Talk – Darla Baltazar

Fans of Christian R&B cannot miss this essential debut album from Darla Baltazar. Darla is the real deal. Not only did she write and self-produce the entire album from her home in Manila, but she isn’t pulling any lyrical punches. She deals with heavy and real aspects of the Christian walk within an R&B musical context that is current, fresh, and a delight to sink into. Faith-based creativity at its finest. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Imma Talk To Jesus In My Car – Brandyn Kalani

Passionate and, at times, raw. This 13-minute EP is like an inside look into Brandyn’s thought and prayer life. It’s well worth the listen. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK


“Anywhere” – The Gray Havens

I was lucky to hear this song live after it was first written. It stayed with me from the first moment I heard it and was delighted to hear it fully produced. With an unforgettably beautiful melody and relatable and raw lyrics, this is one of my favorite The Gray Havens songs to date. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“No Filter” – Sarah Kroger

A superbly honest and raw song about doubt and deconstruction, delivered with a purity and sincerity that marks Kroger as a culture shifter in the worship genre. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“In Bloom” – Jon Foreman and Joy Oladokun

A moody, ethereal ballad that was perfectly timed for Easter and will point you towards the resurrection hope of Christ in an art-house, acoustic kind of way. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Be the Cat” – Kylie Dailey

If you have a cat you will immediately identify with the theme in this whimsical song. Expertly recorded and arranged, headphones are a must. And our cat has been constantly requesting it! SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Do Not Worry” – Allie Murphy

This song was written in a deep dark season full of anxiety and panic attacks, and it spilled out as a prayer. It’s a reminder that though we may forget, Jesus asks us to receive the peace He is giving us to break the cycle of worry. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“inflection (now I see)” – Armand Mukenge

Soulful keys rocked gently by tender rhythm and honest lyrics will draw you in. The gospel-style “chill” will anchor you with deep truth. Armand Mukenge confesses that “now I see that your yoke is easy” when he lays down his will and turns it over to God. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Cup is Full” – Green River Ordinance

This new single from GRO is brimming with gratitude and might be the feel-good song of the year so far! SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“What Remains” – Dustin Starks

This song of hope reminds us that the Lord is always there despite our circumstances. Dustin’s powerful vocals bring the message home. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK



  • Flowers of the Field – Flowers of the Field
  • Nashville Sessions – Apple Music exclusive by Brandon Lake ft. Jon Foreman


  • “Spirit Move! (Keep on Moving)” – The Porter’s Gate, Paul Zach, Page CXVI
  • “Nothing Ill-Fitting” – Emily McCoy
  • “Hydrangea” – Zane Vickery
  • “The Rain Falls Sideways” – Benjamin Daniel