The great music keeps pouring in and we are here to pass the best to you every month. We are excited about the releases we are sharing this month. So take some time to investigate the April edition of New & Notable which covers releases from March 30 to April 26. We appreciate getting your emails about new music at, so please keep them coming.


Electric Chair – Eric Lee Brumley

This record succeeds in blowing off the doors and raising the roof with the mix of Brumley’s “you’ve got to hear to believe” vocals, masterful production, and blistering guitar work. Eric is at the top of his game on this impressive release. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK  

Shade of Indigo – Zach Winters

Zach Winters continues to blend poetic and meaningful lyrics perfectly with his beautifully orchestrated music. Packed with songs that will both charm and challenge you.  SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Slow Parade – Gileah Taylor

Soulful and intimate, with aching melancholy, this passionate Americana album shows a rich maturity. Exploring deep themes but revealing hope, this album deserves your focused attention. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK  BANDCAMP_LINK

Sawtooth Star – Kylie Dailey

Kylie never disappoints with her imaginative and poetic lyrics. Matched with inventive musical choices, this release delivers a refreshing and rewarding listening experience. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Joy in the Morning – Holy Gather

Standing in the intersection of freeform pop, new soul and meditative worship is the duo Holy Gather. For listeners interested in more experimental soundscapes and scripture-based Jesus music, this quick and unconventional album is for you. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

 24/1 – Colorvault

Swirling organ, sick beats, passionate vocals, and upbeat electronica all combine with the heartfelt lyrics of this NYC-based worship collective to bring you a fantastic EP that will end too soon and beg for repeated listening. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Luna, Vol. 2 – Asaph’s Arrows

Chill Lo-fi from this Manila-based producer. Perfect for the background while studying, working, or reading. Let the sounds wash over you and enjoy. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

TORI. – Tori Kelly

Proving that she can tackle any style and genre with remarkable ease, Tori Kelly’s latest album is a pop and R&B-infused bop, only elevated by the contribution of Jon Bellion. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK


“Burning Bushes Everywhere”/”Death, You Terrible Thing” – Caroline Cobb

A powerful double-sided single from Caroline Cobb with two A-sides (like in the olden days). The first song tells us that seeing the Lord everywhere by carefully looking around is life-changing. Caroline states that song number two is for anyone who has felt the shocking wrench of death and loss.  We encourage you to spend some quality time listening to this unique release.  SPOTIFY_LINK   “Burning Bushes” YOUTUBE_LINK  “Death” YOUTUBE_LINK

“Drowning In Nostalgia” – Mat Kearney

A moody acoustic ballad that holds the tension of adulthood, responsibility and the longing for a past seen through rose colored glasses. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“I Propose a Toast” – Jon Foreman

If you could capture the sound of a midsummer evening spent with old friends around the campfire as you share memories, struggles and victories, then it would sound like this new single from Jon Foreman. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“The Lord Will Make a Way”-  Cole McSween

McSween describes his music as soulful and soul filling, and we couldn’t agree more. We can’t stop playing this track because it’s full of funky horns and tasty riffs and solid affirmations. Did we mention that killer sax outro? SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Panic Attack In Hobby Lobby” – Justin Carlson

Trivial “Christianese” sayings will not help you, but they are everywhere – even in the Hobby Lobby! Justin’s well-conceived acoustic track is a clever but serious take on this. “Just be honest with yourself” is his resolution and what we need to heed. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK  BANDCAMP_LINK

“Keep On Going” – Hope Newman Kemp

Hope gives us an infectious, upbeat, and encouraging song. The spirited vocals and music will, without a doubt, be an inspiration.  SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Lone Ranger” – Tyler Corbin

A yearning folksy cry to those who would try to walk a solitary life to return to the blessing of community. We get the sense that Corbin has been there, done that, and is ready to be vulnerable and help people learn from his mistakes. His tender voice and steady guitar urge us back from wandering off alone. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“More Like You”- Emma Fox

With her first ever self-produced single, Emma Fox brings us bedroom indie pop with Bible-based lyrics. Think Fleet Foxes with coolgirl vibes and a thirst for the truth, need we say more? SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Shadow” – Trulah

Trulah brings us a clever and moving song of prayer that we might remain close and in-step with Jesus. Enjoy the timeless jazz-infused song, but let its lyrics penetrate you as well. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK



  • Marionette – Mt. Hope
  • The Other Side – T Bone Burnett
  • Where the Earth Makes No Sound – Mitch McVicker


  • “You Don’t Waste A Thing” – Russ Mohr, Cole McSween
  • “Lost Prayers” – WLDFRE
  • “Many Rooms” – Ruslan
  • “Abraham” – Will Carlisle
  • “Call Us Yours” – Aryn Michelle, Caroline Cobb
  • “Darkest Days” – Brice Davis