There have been so many outstanding recent releases that our curator team decided to expand this month’s list. Here is our list of significant new releases for May 2023. We encourage you to add recordings that have impacted you in the comments below. Any music you want to bring to our attention can be sent to


Psalms: The Poetry of Prayer – Caroline Cobb

Meant to be heard as an album, this collection of Psalm songs follows the A.C.T.S. model of prayer and moves from rollicking foot-stompers to quiet reflection and features some great guest vocalists. [SPOTIFY LINK]

Redwood – Christa Wells

Every minute of music by Christa Wells is a master class in songwriting. But more than that it’s the honesty and depth of the writing that is truly a healing and growing experience, and Redwood overflows with it. [SPOTIFY LINK] [BANDCAMP LINK]

Circle Back, Start Again – Tina Boonstra

Full of emotion and surprises, the heartbreaking and hopeful stories found on this album will challenge and encourage you to consider what we do when life doesn’t go the way we expect. This is brilliant stuff. [SPOTIFY LINK]

Where The Winter Was – Skye Peterson

This collection of songs highlights Skye’s seemingly effortless voice and wise-beyond-her-years songwriting.  [SPOTIFY LINK]

Ordinary Ways – Jon Guerra

This is an incredible collection of devotional songs that, if you let it, will lead you deeper in your own spiritual reflection and upward in praise and worship of God. [SPOTIFY LINK]

Lauren Daigle – Lauren Daigle

Like a burst of sunshine, Lauren Daigle’s third album is a joyful experience, encompassing the sounds of New Orleans and a faith that has been further refined since “Look Up Child”. [SPOTIFY LINK]

Home for Now – Benjamin Daniel

An album dealing with grief, life, and everything in between. The raw honesty of this record is palpable and the music is beautiful. [SPOTIFY LINK] [BANDCAMP LINK]

SHADOWKASTERS – The Rocket Summer

Multi-instrumentalist Bryce Avary returns with another full-length album dipping into the industrial techno sounds of UK dance clubs. Heavy beats underlie textured multi-layered music that explores the struggles of life. [SPOTIFY LINK]

Hymns – Paul Demer

There is a lot to like with this effort. The hymns selected don’t include of the “Top 20” hymns we tend to see on every hymns album. Plus the acoustic arrangements and tasteful production are delightful.  [SPOTIFY LINK]

Thunderbird 1 – Hunter Plake

Reminiscent of Switchfoot, Relient K, and Gable Price and Friends, Plake’s Thunderbird 1 is equal parts catchy and introspective. Like a gem that needs to be unearthed, it contains hard-fought-for truths in chilled surf rock. [SPOTIFY LINK]

Closer Than You Think – Jonathan Traylor

Soulful worship with a twist. Hopeful and full of truth with a big sound, this Dallas-based worship leader guides you to thirst more from the fountain of Jesus. [SPOTIFY LINK]

Glory Hour – Victory

This Grammy Award-winning artist brings her distinct vocals and a unique fusion of R&B, Pop, Soul, Folk, and the Blues on her second album Glory Hour- an eighteen-track collection of full-on scripture-inspired Gospel songs. [SPOTIFY LINK]


“All or Nothing” – The River Indigo

This track shows off both the vocal and musical dynamic chops of this husband/wife duo.  It’s a sweet emotional ride.  [SPOTIFY LINK]

“Rest” – Amanda Cook

Los Angeles artist brings an atmospheric approach to connecting the words of the gospel to the human heart. Poetic in nature, her songs point us to the place of need where Jesus meets us. [SPOTIFY LINK]

“Hard Time” – Allie Crummy

If you have ever been in a tough, perplexing relationship personal or corporate you will recognize the pattern in this song. It’s revealing and hopefully healing. [SPOTIFY LINK]

“Enough For Me” – Drakeford

So much good stuff packed into three minutes!  The lyrics are amazing (and needed).  The subtle banjo, mando, and fiddle add a whole new dimension musically. And Lucy-Jayne taking the lead vocals on Verse 2 – killer! [SPOTIFY LINK]

“If God Came to Church” – Megan Brown

The church needs to listen, process, and react to the message in this song. Extremely well written and executed. [SPOTIFY LINK]

“My Mind” – Dani Miche

Showing her capacity to address internal conflict with Christian faith, this UK-based powerhouse delicately explores love lost and insomnia with quirky beats and an impeccable musicality. [SPOTIFY LINK]

“Basement” – Off Road Minivan

The alternative rockers’ newest single was released ahead of their upcoming mid-June release May This Keep You Safe From Harm.  A moody rock song speaking to moving past the things that keep us stuck in life. [SPOTIFY LINK]

“You Shine” – The Young Escape

Great synth based praised music that sounds like commercial radio? Yes, please! This single by the Southern California-based siblings will brighten your day – pun intended, while also being produced exceptionally well. [SPOTIFY LINK]