We are spotlighting some great music released from April 27 to May 24. This includes music about faith, doubt, devotion, depression, love, chronic illness, mercy, the Bible, grief, acceptance, and more. Being able to share music by artists who have the freedom and courage to speak honestly is what we love about this well-crafted faith-inspired music. We read all the emails sent to our email (utrsubmissions@gmail.com) and listen to all the music passed along, so keep them coming.


Message Songs – The Porter’s Gate

The Porter’s Gate is a collective that brings a fresh approach to reflective worship.  Their new album Message Songs based on The Message Bible features an impressive team of artists and is captivating to listen to. Even if you’ve never read The Message Bible, this album will delight you and give you a fresh perspective on these verses. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Mat Kearney – Mat Kearney

This plays like a chilled, laid-back love letter to a decades-long marriage, and speaks of accepting the past and letting go of old ways of thinking. With a wonderful alt-pop feeling, hints of Americana, and superb lyrics, this is a slow burn but well worth it. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

The Other Thomas – The Other Thomas

A wonderfully eclectic mix of rock-oriented styles that sounds retro and modern at the same time. The detailed production with outstanding and varied vocals, and a wide range of impressive, well-written songs tackle various topics and will keep you immersed throughout. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

A New Reality –  Sarah Kroger

This long-awaited album is a dichotomy, embracing the beauty of skillful production and musicianship while artfully navigating doubt, pain, struggle, and hope. A truly excellent release that marks Sarah as a cornerstone Catholic voice in Nashville. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

When It Rains – Taylor Armstrong

Subdued indie folk-rock that resonates with the comfort and rest found in the presence of the only true source of hope and peace. A gentle listen for a yearning heart. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Vol. 10 Ordinary Time (Discs 1 & 2) – The Soil and the Seed Project

The Soil and The Seed Project was established in 2021 to provide music, art, and “Little Liturgies” to help grow our faith while following the liturgical calendar. They freely offer their resources here and have released NINE full albums of amazing music. Newly released Volume 10 is a double album with a fantastic roster of participating artists. You will be blessed by the wide variety of music offered here.  Disc #1 SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK Disc #2 SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK  

Pilgrim’s Road – Sondae, Moflo

This massive, 21-song album collaboration between singer/songwriter Sondae and producer Moflo births a sound that is like a fresh wind. Both of these artists continue to reach new, unconventional, and unique artistic heights. It’s a delight to the ears and firm truths for the soul. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Kansas 25  – Jennifer Knapp

25 years ago Jennifer Knapp became one of the most influential folk voices in Christian music when she released Kansas. Now, with the support of fans, she has re-recorded all 12 tracks culminating in an even more beautiful release than the original – this one marked with struggle, pain, and acceptance of a life well lived. A true gift. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Matin 2: Love – Jess Ray

On the heels of her album Matin: Rest released in January, Jess Ray has released Matin Vol 2: Love – an uninterrupted 30-minute set of quiet songs and hymns that ache with beauty and sadness. Funded by her patrons, this album sounds intimate enough that you could likely close your eyes and imagine yourself in the room with them. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK


“Evil Kings” – Aryn Michelle

As always, Aryn delivers an excellently produced track with powerful vocals. Aryn hopes that this song will help give you the courage not to bow to idols, evil kings, or anything else that would try to capture the devotion of your soul. The track will be part of her Wild EP to be released in July. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Sinking Like A Stone” – St. Sinner Orchestra

A grand and unique fusion of classical and rock music, featuring a dozen string players, and drums, with Greg Scheer on vocals and guitar. From Greg: “After my divorce, I had recurring images and dreams of standing at the edge of a dark abyss trying not to fall in. I now realize that the abyss was grief. You can’t go around grief; you must go through it.” SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“On Rocky Ground” – Johan Glidden

A beautiful acoustic track with confessional lyrics, a touch of mandolin, and some powerhouse vocals. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Disjointed” – Katherine Perry

This is a truly unique and moving song. Katherine Perry suffers from a serious chronic illness called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome for which there is no cure. Why did she decide to share a song about it?  To help others know they’re not alone, and to hopefully spread more awareness into the world about this greatly under-diagnosed condition. The music matches the vulnerable and somewhat jarring lyrics. Learn about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Millionaire” – Philip Shibata, Joe Bae

Feel good neo-soul bop from a UK indie artist that’s all about quality over quantity. This is the perfect light summer jam, with a tender reminder that all the riches of this world can’t compare to spending a day with the one who loves your soul. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“loved!” – nobigdyl.

A hybrid between hip-hop and singer-songwriter, this track is a prayer of trust that His Grace is bigger than our mistakes. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Mercy” by Hope Newman Kemp

With a nice groove and beautiful vocals, Hope reminds us that we’ve been recipients of God’s kindness and should be givers just the same. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK


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