Our curator team continues to bring to your attention excellent new releases – this time for June 2023. We do the research so all you have to do is listen! Again, we encourage you to add recordings that have impacted you in the comments below. Any music you want to bring to our attention can be sent to utrsubmissions@gmail.com.


Strangers No More –  Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors

Americana-style goodness with human touch lyrics that can’t but help relate to something you are wrestling with. And you can’t stop listening to this album. SPOTIFY LINK

Worktapes (More Songs of Rich Mullins) – Bellsburg Sessions

If 2022’s release of Rich Mullins songs recorded at Rich’s home in Bellsburg by a wide variety of musicians left you hungering for more, then this is your dinner platter. 15 more songs were recorded to expand the Bellsburg Sessions project and rekindle your love for Rich Mullins classics. SPOTIFY LINK

A Tale of Two Trees – Matthew Clark

Not only is the music a pleasure to listen to, but Matthew is also telling a story and teaching while he sings. This album is Part Two of The Well Trilogy and there is a companion book available. It’s all so good. Stay tuned for Part Three in 2024. SPOTIFY LINK   LINK TO BOOK

Sing, Sing, Sing  – Anchor Hymns

What happens when some of the most gifted seasoned and emerging artists come together to make music? The debut EP from  Integrity Music’s Anchor Hymns initiative is a callback to the classic sound of hymns and choruses we loved as kids, but with a timely and prophetic twist. The collection of original songs features Ricky Vazquez, Paul Baloche, Sarah Kroger, Jess Ray, Andrew Osenga, Sandra McCracken, and more, and culminates in an understated and soulful EP that will lift your spirit. SPOTIFY LINK

No Creature Is HiddenFormer Ruins

Take a captivating voice and add layers of lush instrumentation, a good groove, and some essence of ‘sounds familiar to something I liked in the 80s, but can’t place it’ along with poetic and picturesque lyrics and you’ve got the new Former Ruins album – No Creature Is Hidden. Well worth repeated listening! SPOTIFY LINK BANDCAMP LINK

Familiar – Bella Camp

The fresh, light sound of Bella’s Camp’s EP will entrance you. Heart-wrenchingly vulnerable, it chronicles the story of love, strung along but never completely returned. This easy listening/singer-songwriter recording is an unexpected but much-needed addition to conte poetry Christian music, with elements of a young Brooke Fraser in her voice. SPOTIFY LINK

Wild EdgeWind and Sail 

The Wild Edge EP brings great instrumentation, clever lyrics, and tight harmonies from husband/wife duo Wind and Sail. A thoughtful examination of the “in-betweens” of life, this EP will have you thinking while singing along. SPOTIFY LINK


“All in All” – Josh Garrels

When Josh releases his first single in the last 2 years, we sit up and take notice.  And we hope the world also takes notice of this prayerful song of adoration. SPOTIFY LINK

“Like Jesus” – Ross King 

Once again, Ross King does an excellent and painful job of exposing our inner desires. In ‘Like Jesus’ he reveals our inclination to pick and choose what we like about Jesus and ignore the parts we don’t like. But he doesn’t just leave it there, he gives us a way to desire the REAL Jesus more than the imaginary one we craft in our head that always agrees with us and asks so little of us. SPOTIFY LINK

“Kinda Wild” – JUDAH ft. Ellie Holcomb 

When we heard that Judah Akers co-wrote a song with Ellie Holcomb, the expectations were high. And this duo delivers a superb single that has groove, drive, a singable hook, and lyrics that explores the vast mystery of God’s goodness in our lives. SPOTIFY LINK

“Falling Like Fire” – Aryn Michelle

Aryn’s song about Pentecost is so powerful and personal that you might think she was actually there. And her vocals definitely sound like she was! The upbeat alt-pop sound adds to the passion of this track. SPOTIFY LINK

“You Belong (Psalm 87)” – Wendell Kimbrough

One could call Psalm 87 a Psalm of inclusion and Wendell brings us his wonderful Americana-influenced music as a setting for it. He said this Psalm went from boring to stunning once he truly understood its message – a message much needed during these times. This is the title track for his new album to be released on July 14. SPOTIFY LINK

“Everknown” – Needtobreathe

The newest single from the southern rock veterans’ upcoming album “Caves.” Lyrics reflect on the power of relationships and how mentors affect and build into us. Can’t wait to hear the album if this is the first delivery. SPOTIFY LINK

“Washington” – Jamie Grace

Hearing Jamie Grace’s first single of the year is like experiencing the first day of the summer holidays as a kid. A funky, pop tune filled with saxophone and the sounds of the city, she is disarmingly honest. Put this song on your morning playlist – complete with scatting, it will clothe you with strength for the day ahead. SPOTIFY LINK

“I’m Alive” – Paul Zach/Page CXVI 

Turn it up and get ready to dance! This is the soulful Summer bop that you’ve been waiting for! And the collaboration with Page CXVI on this track just takes it up another notch. SPOTIFY LINK

“Stale Bread” – Hannah Hodges

Hannah likes to tell it like it is and this is no exception. Here she exhorts us to be honest about our faith life and do what we need to do to have a genuine and living faith. The challenge is a good one. The music is beautifully executed alt-pop and her powerful vocals will pull you in. SPOTIFY LINK

“Colour” – Lion of Judah

Jangly, upbeat indie-pop by this Brighton, England-based quintet. Honest and descriptive, Lion of Judah crafts lyrics in anti-cliche and fresh similes to invite us close to the Lord. SPOTIFY LINK

“Carried Away” – We The Music Collective

A group of 20 indie artists linked arms to collaborate with a fan followers to use design principles and apply it to the making of a song – all in a 30 day window.  The final result is a very upbeat pop song with a message of encouragement – perfect for a windows-down ride in the summer. SPOTIFY LINK

“Death of Dreams” – Orphan No More Co

This UK-based worship collective are the masters of juxtaposition in this single – tackling the death of dreams and loss of identity with an upbeat sound. Led by Dani Miche, this is a danceable quirky take on grieving that will lead you right back to the Father’s Feet. SPOTIFY LINK