At UTR Media it’s in our DNA to point you to wonderful, creative, fresh, and relevant faith-based music. So here is the fully stocked October 2023 New & Notable edition. If you have music you would like us to consider, send an email to We appreciate those of you have have sent us emails about your music. You can be sure that some of this music ends up here.


In Times Like These – Praise Lubangu

This is a thoughtful and beautiful album.With genres that span from upbeat pop to soulful, jazz, and mellow, Praise knows what she’s doing and it shows. I’ve enjoyed hearing her singles and collaborations, but it’s so sweet to have a whole album of her songs! One of the great music projects coming out of the UK Indie Christian music scene. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Between the Shadow and the Sun – Lucy Grimble

The name may be unfamiliar to you but you just may need to become familiar. Lucy Grimble is a worship leader in the UK but her music is most certainly not locked into that vein. With wide musical influences and raw vulnerability, her songs will easily get under your skin. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Featherbrained Wealth Motel – Dave Barnes

From the title and the cover art, you won’t be surprised that this album is an unashamed nod to The Beatles.  The callbacks to some of the Beatles’ chord progressions and production stylings are fun and inviting, yet each song has this stamp of originality from the hands of one of today’s best pop songwriters. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK  BANDCAMP_LINK

Gardens – Ivan Theva

This debut release from Ivan Theva is the culmination of three years of dedicated inspiration and work. And it was certainly worth the time and the work. Fresh well composed and arranged music with honest and insightful lyrics. You will want to listen repeatedly for sure.  SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Deep Magic – John Mark McMillan

A mastermind at creating sonic dream worlds, in his latest album John Mark reflects on the “deep magic” of God’s Kingdom, where those who lay down their life actually save it. If you are feeling disillusioned with faith, this is a path back into the grandeur and beauty of Christ’s heart. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Connexion – Wally Brath

An album of Psalm-inspired jazz originals with a truly world-class band of musicians including the brilliant vocals of Nikki Lerner. If you are a jazz fan, you will savor this. If you are not a jazz fan know that the music is very accessible and will draw you in. SPOTIFY_LINK   YOUTUBE_LINK  BANDCAMP_LINK

Dreamers – Jamie Grace

The first album from this Atlanta-based artist in 6 years, Jamie Grace has created an honest, quirky, and meaningful album that ranges from reflective melodies to dance tunes. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

Altar Fire 2 – Sam McCabe

Seven songs that remind me of great rock songs from years gone by, with expansive vocals, and lyrics that make us think seriously about issues that confront the Church at large and mellow songs that challenge us personally. This EP is too short! Well worth your time. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

New Hymns  – Forrest Frank

Frank isn’t the first artist to try and modernize the hymn, but in his EP he has found a way to honor the legacy of Christian music standards while elevating them with synth, production, and his own story. Reminiscent of Matt Kearney, he effortlessly goes between hymns like “It Is Well” and hip-hop-style verses. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

 To the Searching, the Lost and the Found – RIDERS

Brothers Joshua and Spencer Brennt are RIDERS. Don’t let the youthful swag of these high schoolers fool you, they are creating creative and passionate music meant to move you to seek Jesus deeper. A definite synth-pop sound underlies refreshingly mature lyrics. Worth venturing into new territory. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK


 “Time” –  Chase Tremaine

A musical journey through Ecclesiastes in the spirit of the pensive, reflective Preacher of that biblical text. A song to make you think through what really matters in this earthly journey. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“For Love” – Andrew Greer (ft. Skye Peterson)

If you have been changed from the inside out by God’s love, you will resonate with this folky ballad by Andrew Greer – with beautiful supporting harmonies by Skye Peterson. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

“Olive Grove” – Eliza King

This Australian singer-songwriter brings us beautiful imagery and music in this original look at Matthew 25:1-13 and Matthew 26:36-46. Her song makes these events in the life of Jesus personal and touching. We will be looking for more to come from Eliza. SPOTIFY_LINK   YOUTUBE_LINK

“A Man” – Hannah Barr

A slow-burn track of foot-stomping goodness! A bit of Country in this song of a life changed after meeting “A Man” that her mama had told her about. Clearly painting a picture of the Gospel, but in an honest way, without cliche. Add this to one of your playlists today, then go back and check out her other songs that aren’t as Country. SPOTIFY_LINK  YOUTUBE_LINK

 “Wondering (Deconstructing)” – Teressa Mahoney

Teressa Mahoney has been an artist who is not afraid to delve into thought-provoking and challenging topics, and this is no exception. Here she examines something that many believers are wrestling with – the hypocrisy and manipulation that we see in many places in the church these days.  SPOTIFY_LINK    YOUTUBE_LINK

“Steady” – Cecily

Cecily’s voice rings with purity and pain, and in her latest single she offers a stripped-back prayer to God. Steady is a low-key, heart cry that will pull you into the rest of her discography. SPOTIFY_LINK YOUTUBE_LINK

“Plank” – G.E.S.

A head bobbing bop from G.E.S. -pronounce it as guess, not Jess. But while it’s super-catchy, it’s not fluff. It’s a prayer to deal with the plank in our own eye so we can see God more clearly. It’s a track that deserves to be heard more broadly. SPOTIFY_LINK    YOUTUBE_LINK

 “Won’t Let Go” – Nitro X

Refreshingly upbeat pop and electronic dance music underscores worshipful lyrics by this 17-year-old relative newcomer. A song to make you smile even when you are having a bad day. SPOTIFY_LINK   YOUTUBE_LINK