Let’s drive to Bellsburg, TN for the recording of a new tribute album – inside Rich Mullins’ old house.

* Host/Producer – Dave Trout
* Guests: Connie Hawk, Chris Hoisington, & Andrew Greer
* Kickstarter Presave & Campaign Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bellsburg/bellsburg-the-songs-of-rich-mullins/
* New Rich Mullins remembrance website – https://richmullins25.com
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After nearly 4 years, Release Date is BACK. Some creative projects hit the end of the road and die. And for some projects it’s an invitation to find a detour.

Wow, it’s been a minute!
So… what is happening with the Rich Mullins Tribute album?
What is happening with the future of this Podcast?
We answer these questions in a quick update…
PLUS… as a special gift to the Release Date subscribers…
We share with you the audio of our new online concert special “Farewell to 2020”
* Cindy Morgan
* Royce Lovett
* Christopher Williams
* Sara Groves
* Randall Goodgame
* Hosted by Dave Trout
Link to watch the video: https://utrmedia.org/videos/farewell-to-2020-online-concert/

The tribute project is put on the shelf for a LONG time, and a couple of the team leaders need to discuss whether they even bother to take it off the shelf and continue.

An all-star meeting is assembled in Nashville to see who is interested in being involved in the making of a Rich Mullins tribute album.

Where were you when you heard the news of Rich Mullins’ death in September 1997?

The tribute album is presented to a major record label in Nashville.

A trip to Nashville in February 2017 results in some positive momentum for the tribute album.

We look at how Amy Grant’s 1982 release changed the career of Rich Mullins, plus we talk with Rich’s old bandmate from Zion, Beth Snell Lutz.

How does one go about making a Rich Mullins Tribute Album? Let’s find out!

Coming Soon: “Release Date” – a new podcast from UTR Media; hosted & produced by Dave Trout

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