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Having children is one of the biggest life-changing events that any person can walk through.  And even adding a 2nd or 3rd (etc) child is another series of changes, responsibility, and sacrifice.  Since May and June are the months of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we think it’s a perfect time to curate a list of songs that celebrate the roller coaster ride called “parenthood.”

Curator’s Notes – Special Menu Parenthood

I used to work on inside of the CCM industry at both a local Christian radio station and at a national network.  They do certain things really well.  Yet there are a few things that I’ve loathed (for a loooong time).  One of those things is how (besides Christmas) Christian radio won’t “break their format” to play music that is timely for certain seasons.  The rules of CCM radio are self-imposed… so why not play more Resurrection-themed songs near Easter?  Or more loves songs the week of Valentines Day?  This playlist is a perfect example.  There are so many beautiful and amazing songs that some of the finest Christian songwriters have penned about motherhood, fatherhood, and raising children.  I have felt this void in the radio world, which is why we have been doing specials related to Mother’s/Father’s Day on UTR programming for the last nine years.  My hope is that this playlist brings encouragement and honor to hard-working parents everywhere.


Welcome from Dave – UTR
If The Sun is Shining – Zach Winters
Signal – Sara Groves
Orchestrated Love Song – Burlap to Cashmere
Walk With You – Jenny & Tyler
Having Kids – Dave Barnes
Best of Dreams – Battle Victorious
Butterfly [Remix] – Christa Wells [ft. Julie Odoralov]

Be Kind To Yourself – Andrew Peterson
“Big World, Baby” – JJ Heller
Mama Prays – Chris Rice
My Child – Plumb
I Will Not Take My Love Away – Matt West
BSM: Music Still Moves Me – UTR [ft. Andrew Osenga]

Different World – Nick Flora
Elliana’s Song – Watermark
Teenagers – Andy Gullahorn
Storehouse – Sandra McCracken
Some Other Time (Avery’s Hymn) – Andrew Greer
When I Was Young – Brandon Heath
Cinderella (Acoustic) – Steven Curtis Chapman
Make No Protest – Lori Chaffer
Extraordinary Magic – Ben Rector
Next To Me – Sleeping At Last
It’s Amazing – Mindy Smith
I Thank God For You – Andrew Osenga
Home At Last – Josh Garrels
Little Evening Star – Julie Lee
BSM: Create in Community – UTR [ft. Christa Wells]

Home – Christopher Williams
Saturday – Alli Rogers
We Are Proud – Giants & Pilgrims
Little One – We Are The Monks
Refrigerator Art – Allen Levi
Sacred – Caedmon’s Call
Freckles – SHEL
Tater Peeler Road – Jason Upton & The Goodland Band
Light – Gungor
A Mother’s Prayer – Keith & Kristyn Getty [ft. Moya Brennan]

Wonderfully Made – Joel Ansett
Slow Down – Nichole Nordeman

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