The era of the music video is alive and well.  Something magical is born when an amazing song is paired with beautiful visuals.  We thought it would be fun to share the ones that caught our eyes.  We weren’t looking for the most cinematic or conceptual (in particular), but these are the videos that really made us feel something, and in all cases elevated the song to a new level.  Here are UTR’s picks for the Best Gourmet Music Videos of 2020 (from the world of well-crafted, faith-inspired songs).  [FYI, we did not consider concerts, live takes, or lyric videos. These are listed in no particular order.]

“Original Material”

Colony House

If wearing 4-foot tall masks in the middle of the desert isn’t commitment to a video shoot, we don’t know what is.

“You Are The One”

John Mark Nelson

This song was written in the first weeks of the COVID-19 quarantine and beautifully animated by Sarah Nelson – released the second week of April.

“Wearing Love”

Joy Ike

No more hiding Joy’s hidden talent as a an improvisational dancer. She stars in her own video – which exudes every ounce of passion and energy found in this late November single.


The Brilliance

Directed by Nathan Presley, this is a masterfully-crafted video (released in May) and is appropriately dedicated to 2020’s healthcare heroes.



Thanks to Director Kyle Rasmussen, this might be the most beautiful music video of the year – dedicated to restoring color and dignity to widow in India. Powerful.

“Who Am I”


Bear Rinehart and company released a few excellent videos in 2020, but this one took its accompanying song to a whole new level.

“He Will Redeem It All”

Melanie Penn

With a playful display of Melanie’s lyrics and with video contributions from all over the globe, this is one of the most spiritually uplifting videos of 2020.


Jonathan McReynolds

Little did we know when this video released in mid-March that 2020 would show us the best of humanity… and the worst.  This song, video, & prayer are needed.

“You Are My Country”

Gable Price & Friends (ft. Kristene DiMarco)

Released on Election Day (11/3/20), this video is pushing back against our obsession to be right, even at the cost of relationship and integrity.

“Comfort, Oh Comfort”

Caroline Cobb

This video directed by E’an & Rachel Verdugo creates a compelling visual paired with Caroline’s song about how God is making all things new.

“Still Rolling Stones” [Social Distanced]

Lauren Daigle

We’re bending the rules for this “live” video.  We all saw bands do some form of socially-distanced Zoom-style performances, but this was one of the first (released 4/12/20) and is still one of the best.

“Bright Heart”

Pyramid Park

Production house The Family Table turned this upbeat track by UK band Pyramid Park into a compelling short film about God’s love reaching out to us.

“More Than Words”

Nashville Life Music

At a time when we all needed a tall cup of joy, this video hit the spot.  It’s so fun and energetic that you can’t help but smile… and maybe even dance.

“The Thanksgiving Song”

Ben Rector

We are bending the rules again, because this is (almost) a lyric video. But WOW! And all of these shots are actual physical labels and creations, no special effects.

“Walking Backwards”

Mike Mains & The Branches

This 2019 song gets a September 2020 video release in short film fashion.  Directors Robbie Barnett & Carson Butcher take a page out of Wes Anderson’s book, and it’s 100% delightful.

“Good Morning”

Royce Lovett

Creatively weaving submitted dance clips with Royce’s high energy performance, this video is an even bigger boost than a shot of espresso.


Elle Limebear

Daughter of Delirious front-man Martin Smith, Elle carries on the family trait of amazing faith-centric songwriting filled with raw passion – captured beautifully in this one-continuous-shot video.

“Pete Gets Happy”

Carousel Rogues

This is the oldest video on the list, releasing in late January. There are some creative special effects, and a starring role by Hudson Williams (son of Christopher Williams).

Share below… (a) Did you especially enjoy any of these music videos on the list?  (b) Are there any 2020 music videos you would have added to the list?