Best Gourmet Music Videos of 2018


Songs are powerful vehicles of communication. When paired with artistic visuals, the experience can be rapturous.  For the last four decades (especially), that has taken the shape of the music video.  Neilsen reports that the top four ways the average American consumes music are (1) smartphones, (2) PC/laptops, (3) televisions, and (4) tablets — all primarily visual mediums.  So it’s no surprise that the music video is as relevant as ever. We have searched high and low and now present to you UTR’s picks for the Best “Gourmet” Music Videos of 2018 (in well-crafted, faith-inspired music).  These are in no particular order – and we only considered “official music videos” – not concerts, live one-takes, or lyric videos.

“Before The Sun Goes Down”

The New Respects

With the title cut of their 2018 album, this video dropped in the heart of summer (mid-July 2018), and is brimming with all the joy, energy, and youthful exuberance of the summer sunshine.

“Is He Worthy?”

Andrew Peterson

If UTR had an awards show, this would win for “Song of the Year.” This was beautifully filmed (under the direction of Max Hsu) in one continuous take, and between YouTube and Facebook now has over 2 million views!

“Golden Wings”

Mike Farris

In support of the 2018 studio album Silver & Stone, this video stars 9-yr-old musical prodigy Kingsley Sparrow. This video features the sights and vibe of the city of Nashville like no other.


Ben Rector

This isn’t a funny song.  Sure, it’s a fun song… but it’s a power-pop song that is pretty straight forward.  However, a thousand bonus points to Ben Rector for creating the funniest music video of 2018.

“Fancy Feet”

Liz Vice

This is the youngest music video on our list, having just been released on 12/21/18.  Liz Vice is using this video to shine a light on a non-profit organization dear to her: Bridge of Hope African Ministries (BOHAM).

“Every Seed Must Die”

The Promise Is Hope

This beautiful concept video stars Eric and Ashley from this husband-wife duo, and explores the difficult subject of a marriage on the brink of unraveling. Musically and visually this is masterful storytelling.

“Get Up”

Slugs & Bugs (Randall Goodgame) ft. Propaganda

What a joy-filled few minutes! The video features Zeke Mitchell playing the role of the track’s actual performer, well-respected hip hop artist Propaganda, plus talented kids from three Nashville schools.  Learning scripture has never been so fun!

“New York City”

Owl City

His latest album is called Cinematic, so it’s maybe no surprise that the three music videos he released for the album have more of a “short film” quality to them. We really loved this video released in March 2018.

“Hold On”

Joy Ike

As one YouTube commenter stated: “This video seriously makes my soul smile!” The video is beautifully shot on the streets of Philadelphia with story vignettes woven in. The song and video both are inspiring.

“Forever On Your Side”

Needtobreathe ft. Johnnyswim

This video released in August 2018 and features some creative performance videography mixed with footage of Needtobreathe throughout the last decade. Seeing Bo Rinehart play the banjo (for some reason) puts the universe in alignment.


Brooke Annibale

This late May video was masterfully directed by Matt Dayak.  It might even come off as simplistic at first, but the editing and overlay style is really captivating, and the 80s-infused colorful backgrounds give this video a sticky and memorable vibe.


Wild Harbors

This is the oldest video on our list, debuting in mid-February 2018.  The video itself is sort of a “monument” because it serves as the official public debut of Wild Harbors. Superb locations and aerial videography!

“Native Tongue”


This was an unexpected gift in October. Switchfoot was supposedly taking an extended hiatus, but they said “the songs were chasing us.” This is the debut single from a full-length project of the same name releasing 1/18/19.

“Face To Face”

Mat Kearney

This video released in April 2018 in support of the album Crazylove.  It’s not only an incredible song, but the video has some of the most jaw-dropping timelapse nature videography you’ll see anywhere.

“Who I’m Not”

Jenny & Tyler

This is the opening track of the October release There Will Be a Song, and is about a struggle with identity.  The video is beautifully produced and makes the emotion of the song even more palpable.

“Ring of Fire”

Moda Spira

On the deeply personal new album “Divorce,” Moda Spira (aka Latifah Alattas) included a very minor key rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” The video is imaginative, captivating, and haunting.

Let us know in the comments below if this post introduced you to any new music videos that you love.  Also feel free to tell us if there were any videos from 2018 that you would like to add to the list.

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  1. Ralph Milliken January 7, 2019 at 5:30 pm - Reply

    Thanks so much for this list. I loved every video! I rediscovered Brooke Annibale, Jenny & Tyler and Liz Vice. I think I’ll also give The New Respects album another listen. So glad you guys are out there introducing (and reintroducing) me to new music I would never otherwise discover in the mainstream Christian or Secular Media. Philippians 1:3
    -In Christ, Ralph Milliken

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