Let me throw these song titles at you: “Thriller,” “Single Ladies,” “Take on Me,” “Wrecking Ball,” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”  These are all songs so epic, you don’t even need to say the artist’s name.  Another thing in common, these are all songs you can SEE in your mind just as much as hear in your ears.  Why? Because they all had iconic music videos that took that song to the next level.  Right now, we would like to honor what we found as the BEST music videos of 2022 in the world of “gourmet music.”  Best of all, these are all compiled to view right here on this one page.  [These are listed in no particular order.]

“Hospital” by Madison Cunningham

How does one create a music video that’s as unique and original as an artist like Madison Cunningham?  We give props to director Caitlin Gerard for the amazing visual feast, which includes scenes in a city, desert, beach, marionettes, and a dollhouse set.  Really superb execution.

“Wonderful World” by Ben Rector

The guy who was on a tear with music videos in 2022 was Ben Rector, releasing SIX full-scale concept music videos during the year – and honestly, all six are worthy of consideration to be on this list. We decided to feature the September 2022 single with an incredibly scenic and elaborate hiking puppet video, directed by Brian Shutters.

“No Home” by Jess Ray

In support of her latest studio album Born Again (released early Fall 2022), Jess Ray released two high-quality lyric videos and three concept music videos – including this one, filmed by her talented husband Kyle Langdon. We love the narrative approach to the video which brings the listener on a deeper journey.

“Brighter Days” by Blessing Offor

This story-style video follows three families struggling in various ways.  The video is filmed and edited with excellence to accentuate the hopefulness found in the lyrics of the song. Blessing is definitely one of the bright stars in the CCM industry.

“Follow You” by Melanie Penn

A fantastic pairing of a beautiful melody and soaring visuals.  This music video was directed by Aaron Craig and filmed on location in Iceland.  The gorgeous backdrop only adds to the beauty of this soaring song of spiritual encouragement.

“Talk of the Town” by Needtobreathe

How should a song dealing with creating false images be showcased in visuals?  Let’s have a bunch of people, including band members, wear creepy paper mache heads out in public. It is creative and memorable… and both the song and the video covertly pack a punch.

“Stone” by Trip Lee

In support of his latest studio project The End (released in March 2022), Trip Lee released a trilogy of music videos.  All of them are well done, but we chose “The Stone” as our favorite for its creative videography – kudos to director Nathan Corrona.

“Weary Traveler” by Jordan St. Cyr

This is the oldest video on our list, released back on January 18, 2022.  The cinematography in this video rivals anything you might see in a high-budget Hollywood film.  It tells a visual story and the mountaintop shots are nothing short of epic.

“Mamas” by Anne Wilson (ft. Hillary Scott)

The heartstrings will be pulled during these 3.5 minutes.  Last year’s GMA Dove Award winner for New Artist of the Year, Anne Wilson, is joined by Hillary Scott from Grammy-winning band Lady A along with multiple family vignettes showing how moms truly change the world.

“Take a Walk” by Judah & The Lion

This video dropped on 2/24/22, and we are hard-pressed to find a more visually-impressive video in the rock genre.  We’re not sure what is most impressive – the band playing in a cloud atmosphere, the Mister Rogers style miniature city, or the fact that on a song called “Take a Walk” we don’t see anyone take one single step.

“Uninspired, Blowing Smoke” by John Van Deusen

This video is brought to you by Cannabis… jk LOL.  Props to video director Adam Farmsworth who created a trippy vibe with lots of special effects, a mysterious religious puppet, and one very creepy smile by JVD.  Somehow it all gels and compliments the song quite well.

“Still” by Steven Curtis Chapman

After this May 2022 video dropped, our first thought was “Man, he’s still got it.”  SCC has released a LOT of music videos in his 35+ year career, and he’s smiling his signature grin almost every second.  But this video isn’t afraid to show a man who has pain, heartache, and even anger – yet “still” trusts his Savior.

“Hide From the World” by Tyson Motsenbocker

In support of his third full-length album Milk Teeth, Tyson Motsenbocker and Tooth & Nail released this video back on 9/22/22.  It’s some weighty subject matter (social isolation), yet presented with a whimsy and cleverness that has you smiling while you listen.

“Better By Now” by Brooke Annibale

If you watched past music videos by Brooke Annibale, you know you can expect the unexpected.  Director Grant Claire doubled down on this and gives us mini heads popping out of larger heads and other crazy visual antics.  It’s actually really fun to watch and wildly creative.

“I’m So Blessed” by CAIN

The first time we saw this video after it’s 7/14/22 release, we just KNEW it would make our year-end list.  The team behind this video went ALL OUT retro with grainy film, 4×3 standard dimensions, vintage cars, clothes, furniture, carpet, etc… and some intentionally cheesy moments that make this a super fun watch.

“Fake It” by Tauren Wells (ft. Aaron Cole)

This song on it’s own makes you want to hit the dance floor.  But this is a perfect example of a video taking a song to the stratosphere.  It’s singing and dancing talent at the highest level.  We agree with one YouTube commenter who said “This is the best choreographed Christian music video ever (and I’ve seen thousands)!”

“I Need You” by Gable Price and Friends

This four-piece rock outfit has been belting out deeply meaningful music for years, with a fanbase growing every day.  This concept video is also rich with a thoughtful storyline, showcasing our unquenchable desire to be accepted and cheered. (Mike Mains would be proud of you guys… it’s THAT good!)

“The Goodness” by Tobymac (ft. Blessing Offor)

This video adds a new dimension to an already catchy song.  The shots of just the two artists sitting at the piano are great, but when the full gang choir joins in, it might make your heart grow three sizes.  This video is brimming with joy.

“Cannonballers” by Colony House

These Nashville-based rockers have set the music video bar quite high in recent years, and they delivered another gem this last September.  This one is co-directed by Caleb Chapman and Elliott Eicheldinger. The shots, style, and flash animation just exude a youthful energy that’s palpable.

What are your thoughts about the list?  Are there any 2022 videos you would add?  Were any of these videos new discoveries for you?