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Good Patron Podcast

Good art – especially independent art – doesn’t just happen. Host Garret Godfrey explores some of the best ways we all can be more supportive of faith-based independent music, including interviews and the latest crowdfunding campaigns.

What are the benefits of Bandcamp – for consumers and artists? Plus we look at active crowdfunding campaigns by A Boy & His Kite, Kate Hurley, Rob Watson, Weston Skaggs & more.

———–SHOW NOTES———-
* A Boy and His Kite – The Path Became a Ghost
* Rob Watson – The Graylands –
* Kate Hurley – Kate and a Bunch of Hippies Sing Freedom Songs –
* Hannah Glavor – Not Going Under –
* Resound Worship – live album –
* Peter La Grand – You’ve Already Won –
* James McCurley – Arbre EP –
* The Jen Miller Music Collective – Brave is One More Step in the Dark –
* Weston Skaggs – 2 EPs –
* Comrades – For we are not yet, We are only becoming –

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*Good Patron Challenge resource links:
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* Executive Producer: Dave Trout
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The art of overpaying. Garret continues his conversation with a panel of guests to discuss the artist experience at music festivals, and the support that can be shown through tipping extra at the merchandise table. And a bunch of active crowdfunding campaigns too.

* Micah Michelle –

* Strahan – Prayer and Vulnerability –
* Luke Wood – Here and There –
* Three Strands EP –
* The Rep – Sinner’s Prayer –
* Sara Renner – new album –
* Michael J. Tinker – Topsy Turvy Kingdom in Space –

Producer/Host – Garret Godfrey
Executive Producer – Dave Trout
Sponsor: Teressa Mahoney’s “Beyond” –
Special Guests:
– Aaron Diello (JoshuaFest)
– John J. Thompson (TrueTunes & Cornerstone)
– Dave Hawkins (The Antidote Radio Podcast)
– Prof. Alan & Em (Dorkness to Light Podcast)
– Gabe Jones (Decent Christian Talk Podcast)
– Dave Trout (UTR Media & Escape To The Lake)
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Should I go to a Christian music festival? Garret talks to a panel of festival experts to get their insights. Plus we’ll give you some current crowdfunding campaigns that deserve your attention.

Rose Blossom Punch –

Jessi McNeal – new full length album

Cindy Morgan – Autumn & Eve: Old Testaments Vol. I

The Throes – All The Flowers Growing In Your Mother’s Eyes

Charlie Peacock – West Coast Diaries 2 vinyl –

Starflyer59 – Young in My Head – hs://

Bill Mallonee – Double CD

David Belt

Jamie Rowe – This Is Home

Lauren Comes – As He Promised

Ben Oliver – Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs

Scott Thomas – Undivided Affection

The Blamed

Grave Robber

Death Therapy – Voices–the-storm-before-the-calm-lp

* Producer & Host – Garret Godfrey
* Executive Producer – Dave Trout
* Special Guests:
– Aaron Diello (JoshuaFest)
– John J. Thompson (TrueTunes & Cornerstone)
– Dave Hawkins (The Antidote Radio Podcast)
– Prof. Alan & Em (From Dorkness to Light Podcast)
– Gabe Jones (Decent Christian Talk Podcast)
– Dave Trout (UTR Media & Escape To The Lake)
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Why should I pre-order music? Does it do any good? And what should I pre-order? Plus a full overview of some key crowdfunding campaigns happening right now.

* Spotlight campaign – Water Within –
* PreOrder #1 – HeeSun Lee – Flying Cars EP coming out 3/8/19 –
* PreOrder #2 – Over the Rhine – Love & Revelation –
* PreOrder #3 – Demon Hunter preorders for Double Album War & Peace – and

* Crystal Lewis – new Jazz/Soul album
* Rachel Fort – Houses EP
* Garrett James – LP2
* Recreated – Worship project
* The Choir – Bloodshot vinyl
* Tourniquet – Vanishing Lessons

———– CREDITS ———–
* Host & Producer – Garret Godfrey
* Executive Producer – Dave Trout
* SPONSOR: The Gray Haven’s 2019 Storehouse Tour –
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Current campaigns, a look back at 2018, and some thoughts about the current state of music.

* SPOTLIGHT: UTR Media’s Buildathon 2018 –
* Brian Doerksen Christmas Album:
* Chris Marchand – 12 Days of Christmas:
* Phil Keaggy and Rex Paul Schnelle – Illumination:
* Chris Rodriguez – new album:
* Lovewar – new album:
* Demon Hunter – War & Peace:

THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR: “Honestly” by Jessica Crawford –

Learn how to stick it to the man and stay in touch with the artists you love. Plus learn about a bunch of active campaigns from Christian artists.

Matthew Parker – Kickstarter:

* Salt of the Sound – Beyond Here –
* The Purple Hulls – Christmas album –
* Virtuous – Clarity –
* Latifah Makuyi – 5 song Alternative Worship EP –
* Todd Wright – 5 song EP –
* Andrew Montonera – The Work You Began (Rich Mullins documentary) –
* Thi’sl –

How does this month’s good patron challenge tie in with Delirious & Huey Lewis? Plus get the details on new campaigns from Katie Heckel, Charlie Peacock, Eric Peters, Rick Elias, Andy Gullahorn, & more.

* Katie Heckel –

* Charlie Peacock – West Coast Diaries, Vol 2 (vinyl) –
* Poor Old Lu – Mindsize –
* Rose – The Masked Monster –
* Dawn Michele – Surrender –
* Paul Colman – #Protest –
* S Martin – With You –
* John Callaway – There Is a Season –
* Annalisa Nutt – The Longing –
* Lust Control – Tiny Little Dots (vinyl re-issue) –
* Rick Elias Gofundme –
* Eric Peters Gofundme –
* Andy Gullahorn – Everything As It Should Be –

What tweet inspired this month’s Good Patron Challenge? Plus check out current crowdfunding campaigns – including the spotlight campaign by Thembi Joy.

Spotlight campaign:
Thembi Joy – Horizon – Indiegogo:

Other Campaigns:
* A Slim Shadow – In/Out of Time – Kickstarter:
* Rivers & Robots – Discovery – Preorder:
* Russ Taff – I Still Believe [movie] – Indiegogo:

We are back! We’ve got a new “good patron challenge,” spotlight campaign for Brettan Cox, and other faith-based crowdfunding campaigns for artists like JJ Heller, Scott Mulvahill, Moda Spira, L.S.U., & more.

Spotlight campaign – Brettan Cox – Fountain to Fountain

* LSU – Wakin’ Up The Dead Vinyl Reissue:
* JJ Heller – I Dream of You Vol 2:
* Moda Spira:
* Scott Mulvahill – Himalayas:
* Nathan Storey:
* Owen Stroud:
* David Virgo – Expectant:
* Veridia:
* Manafest – Stones Reloaded:
* KJ52 – Insightful Comprehentions reissue & new EP:
* Chris Tippins – Words:

Our spotlight campaign is a new album from the wonderful Jess Ray. Plus take our Good Patron Challenge, and keep up on current crowdfunding campaigns for Wild Harbors, VOL, Alter Boys, & more.

Find out what Andrew Osenga, John J Thompson, and Kevin Max said that made Garret pick THIS as the Good Patron Challenge this episode.

Spotlight campaign – Jess Ray – Parallels + Meridians

We share ways to show support without spending money and ways to grab some good free music too. Plus current crowdfunding campaigns by Rick Lee James, Andrew Osenga, Jeremy Casella, Susan Ashton, & more.

We cover current crowdfunding campaigns, including spotlight artist Matt Searles. Plus we talk with UTR Media founder Dave Trout about the Buildathon campaign and a crowdfunding year-in-review.

Our spotlight campaign is for Grammy Award-winner Ashley Cleveland. Take this month’s “Good Patron challenge.” And hear samples from a variety of current crowdfunding campaigns.

We interview Molly Neuman, a director at Kickstarter, about how their platform helps to support indie music projects. Plus the latest crowdfunding campaigns by Adam Whipple, Sara Groves, Hannah Miller, & more.

It’s the debut episode of Good Patron! We’ll be exploring ways to be supportive of faith-based independent music. Our spotlight campaign is from Matthew Smith. Plus we interview singer-songwriter Anthony Quails.

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