We are so thankful to the UTR Panel of Critics for all their good work, which resulted in our Top 11 Albums of 2021.  A lot of albums were “finalists” for best of the year, and this playlist represents one song from each of the 40+ albums on our wide list cited by our critics.  If you are looking for the most well-crafted and deeply spiritual recordings from the last year, this is definitely the playlist for you!  If you find artists or albums that peak your interest, we hope you’ll explore even more.


Critic’s Picks Playlist (JAN 2022)

Sunshine – Needtobreathe
Telltale Heart – Sara Groves
Love is the Rebel Song – Jon Foreman
If I Were You – Switchfoot
Pax Melodiam – Remedy Drive
Paradise – The Gray Havens
The Show – Ross King
Bridge – Ellie Holcomb
Tears Are Smoke – Bethany Barnard
You Bring the Morning – Andy Squyres
You Are Not Far – Young Oceans
Faith, Hope & Love – Charlie Peacock
Mystical World – The Choir
Find You – Jervis Campbell
Maladjusted – Carolyn Arends
Higher Power – Crowder (ft. Hulvey)
Sight of You – Future of Forestry
Thoughts and Prayers – Common Hymnal
Be. Loved. – JUDAH
Hold Still – Taylor Leonhardt
Take Me Back – Drakeford
Everything I Need – Make Sure
Shine Your Light on Me – Natalie Bergman
We Need You – Propaganda & DJ Mal-Ski (ft. V. Rose)
Odds – Mat Kearney
Days to Come – Jess Ray
Summer: Walk – The Arcadian Wild
Fill This Cup – The Dailys
The Anniversary – Paul Field
I Am Better Than You – Psallos (ft. Shai Linne)
Wanna See You – Stephen McWhirter & Jason Clayborn
1991 – Mac Powell
Love Is – Zach Winters
Perpetual Light – Rachel Wilhelm
Just As Good – Chris Renzema (ft. Ellie Holcomb)
Alright – Jonathan Ogden
Looking Back is a Lie – Physick
Madison – Chase Tremaine
How Many Times – Antoine Bradford
I’ve Made My Peace / Riverside – Phil Madeira
Better Country – Benjamin Daniel

Curator’s Notes (JAN 2022)

I had a blast putting this playlist together and love the diversity of themes and sounds.  It couldn’t be possible without the amazing work of the UTR panel of critics!  I enjoyed re-listening to these wonderful new releases.  It was tough to choose just one song off of each! 🙂