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Gourmet Music Podcast

Have you been missing the old “Under The Radar” radio show? We are thrilled to introduce you to the Gourmet Music Podcast, the first production of the all-new UTR Media. Host Dave Trout returns to bring you over an hour of high-quality new releases.

We have lined up 18 Christmas songs from some UTR favorites (Josh Garrels, 6’10, Jill Phillips) and some newer discoveries (Sister Sinjin, Dave Pettigrew, Hymns For The Architect).

————–SONG LIST FOR EP.25—————-
“Christmas Light” – Ginny Owens
“Oh Come, Oh Come” – Benjamin Dunn & Friends
“Love is Here” – Dave Pettigrew
“Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus” – Fernando Ortega
“Angels We Have Heard On High” – Page CXVI
“Christmas is Here” – 6’10
“May You Find A Light” – Hymns For The Architect
“Go Tell It On The Mountain” – The McCrary Sisters
“Bethlehem Town” – Weston Skaggs
“O Little Town of Bethlehem” – Scott Mulvahill (ft. Sarah Kroger)
“The Virgin Mary Had One Son” – Josh Garrels
“O Come All Ye Faithful” – Jill Phillips & Andy Gullahorn
“King of Light” – Matt Wheeler
“Sleigh Ride” – SHEL
“Mary’s Song (Our King of Peace)” – Wendell Kimbrough
“Joy To The World” – Andrew Ripp
“In These Long, Last Days” – Sister Sinjin
“Let It Snow” – Chris Rice

* Host & Executive Producer – Dave Trout
* Music Assistant – Larry Stephan
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It’s one of our long-standing traditions. Since most people retreat to their nostalgic favorites during the Christmas season – we invite you to discover some amazing NEW holiday releases. In fact, we’ll count down our Top 6 picks for you.

————SONG LIST FOR EP.24———–
“Hark The Herald Angels Sing” – Matt Maher
“The Thick Darkness Where God Dwells” – Steve Thorngate
“Little Drummer Boy” – Marc Martel
“Immanuel” – Folk Hymnal
“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” – CeCe Winans
“Lights” – John Mark McMillan

* Sponsor: “Watches of the Night” by Matt Searles – http://is.gd/mattbc
* Website article of 6 Best Christmas Albums of 2018 – https://is.gd/cmas18
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To celebrate UTR’s 10th Birthday, Dave is sharing some of his personal favorite picks from the last decade of Gourmet Music.

———- SONG LIST FOR EP.23 ———–
“Lay ‘Em Down” – Needtobreathe
“The Golden Boy & The Prodigal” – Jason Gray
“Resurrection” – Jill Phillips
“Burn” – Branches
“Take This Slowly” – The Gray Havens
“You Have Me” – Gungor
“Not Alone” – Hark The Herons
“Lost and Found” – Eric Peters
“Got No Friends” – The Vespers
“Written On Our Clothes” – Giants & Pilgrims
“Neighborhoods Apart” – The Farewell Drifters
“Feed Your Soul” – Christa Wells
“Grand Canyon” – Andy Gullahorn
“Follow You” – Ben Rector
“Farther Along” – Josh Garrels
“Blinding Light” – Switchfoot
“Wandering Child” – Cindy Morgan
“The Rain Keeps Falling” – Andrew Peterson
“Would You Be Well” – Taylor Leonhardt
“Do Not Be Afraid” – Christopher Williams

* Host/Producer: Dave Trout
* Sponsor: “Hoping For Real” by Hope Newman Kemp – http://is.gd/hopenkit

So much good music has just come out that we are focusing on all new releases from just the last 3 months, including Josh Garrels, Jenny & Tyler, Moda Spira, plus the world premiere of a not-yet-released single.

“Compass” – Candace Coker
“Storehouse” – The Gray Havens
“We Cry Mercy” – Greg LaFollette (ft. Sara Groves)
“Love I Am” – Jenny & Tyler
“Weight” – Cindy Morgan
“Wildfire” – Crowder
“Regret” – Moda Spira
“You and I” – Jess Ray
“I’m Glad You’re Still Around” – Paul Demer
“Native Tongue” – Switchfoot
“Enclosed By You” – Josh Garrels
“Winter Solstice” – mewithoutYou
“Kill and Bury” – Jessica Crawford
“Run” – We Are The Monks
“I’ll Praise My Maker While I’ve Breath” – Kurtis Parks

We rewind 20 years and do a deep dive on the state of Christian music in 1998. A panel of music contributors weigh in as we enjoy some of that year’s best songs by DC Talk, Jars of Clay, Nichole Nordeman, Kirk Franklin, Chris Rice, & a dozen more.

———SONG LIST FOR EP.21———-
“Deeper” – Delirious
“Testify To Love” – Avalon
“Carry Us Through” – Sarah Masen
“Super Good Feeling” – Bleach
“Entertaining Angels” – Newsboys
“To Know You” – Nichole Nordeman
“Basic Instructions” – Burlap To Cashmere
“Revolution” – Kirk Franklin & The Family
“Needful Hands” – Jars of Clay
“My Deliverer” – Ragamuffin Band
“The Devil Is Bad” – The W’s
“Billboards” – Silage
“Undo Me” – Jennifer Knapp
“Big Enough” – Chris Rice
“Into Jesus” – DC Talk
“Say I Am” – Satellite Soul
“I Will Not Go Quietly” – Steven Curtis Chapman

Panel of Contributors (and projects):
* Chris Marchand (Peoria, IL) – http://postconsumereports.blogspot.com
* Larry Stephan (Oakland, NJ) – http://tollbooth.org
* Joe Cook (Gallup, NM) – http://www.betweenthesongspodcast.com
* Zak Tibstra (Blue Island, IL)

Our listeners are in charge of the music, and we’re queuing up your requests for Son of Laughter, Jess Ray, Mr. & Mrs. Something, The Oh Hellos, and a bunch more.

“Notos” – The Oh Hellos
“Hurricanes” – Son of Laughter
“No Limit To Your Love” – John Van Deusen
“It’s All Good” – Joe Zirpoli
“O Great Light” – Jess Ray
“The Beauty Between” – Kings Kaleidoscope (ft. Andy Mineo)
“I Won’t Live In Fear” – Arthur Alligood
“Beyond The Blue [LIVE]” – Josh Garrels
“Home” – Mr. & Mrs. Something
“We’ve Got The Moon” – The Choir
“Prodigal Son” – Rick Elias
“Holy Ground” – Christa Wells
“River” – The Promise Is Hope
“Don’t Wanna Let You Go” – Nomads + Natives

* All the listeners who had their requests featured!
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If you couldn’t come to UTR’s Escape To The Lake, here’s the next best thing. This audio recap will share some reflections from attendees and live music from the ETTL Main Stage – including the Three Birds (Taylor, Jess, & Christa).

—- SONG LIST FOR EP. 19 —-
Can’t Take It With You – The Mosleys
Every Seed Must Die – The Promise Is Hope
The Passover Song – Caroline Cobb
Thunder – Rick Lee James
Ashes to Earth – Adam Whipple
Kumalo – Matthew Clark
Everything – Taylor Leonhardt
Twenty-four – Jess Ray
Down Down Low – Christa Wells

* Sponsor – Mr. & Mrs. Something – http://mrandmrssomething.com
* Audio Engineer – Eric Hufford
* Sound Assistant – Richard Bodden
* ETTL Hosts – Faith Church, Cedar Lake IN
* Blog & Video Recap of ETTL 2018 – https://utrmedia.org/recap18

It’s the heart of summer – and we wanted to share a playlist of fun, vibey, windows-rolled-down summer songs.

1. “Thank God For The Summertime” – Ben Rector
2. “All My Friends” – Owl City
3. “76” – Von Stranz
4. “Better Than I Used To Be” – Mat Kearney
5. “Glow” – Brooke Annibale
6. “Shining Down” – Swoope
7. “Bullets” – Needtobreathe
8. “Torches” – The Oh Hellos
9. “Feel Alive” – Katie Herzig

* Sponsor: Brettan Cox’s Kickstarter – http://is.gd/brettanks
* UTR Panel of Critics
* Lawn chair strike zones
* Bug repellent
* Escape To The Lake – http://escapetothelake.net

What are some of the best albums & songs from the first half of 2018? Our UTR Critics Panel helps find the cream of the crop as we share some selections that captured our ears and hearts.

——– SONG LIST FOR EP.17 ——–
“Prodigal (Run To You)” – Kevin Max
“Ring The Bells” – Johnnyswim + Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
“Ever Stay” – Joy Ike
“Settled Down” – Giants & Pilgrims
“The Joy of the Lord” – Audrey Assad
“Old Friends” – Ben Rector
“Healing on Planet Earth – Mad At The World
“One Day” – Christa Wells
“Voices” – My Epic
“Summer Rain” – The Choir
“Changes” – Mat Kearney
“Fight For You” – Shawn McDonald
“Olivia” – Lowland Hum
“North Town Evening” – Adam Whipple
“Promise Is A Promise” – Ian Zumback (ft. Anthony Hoisington)
“Save Me” – Liz Vice
“Is He Worthy” – Andrew Peterson

* Escape To The Lake – http://escapetothelake.net
* 10 Member UTR panel of critics
* Air Conditioning (it got up to 107* heat index this week!)

Our listening community is in control of the playlist and we are featuring all female artists on this hour of music, including Sara Groves, Melanie Penn, Taylor Leonhardt, and FOUR artists we’ve never featured before in UTR’s history.

****** SONG LIST FOR EP.16 ******
1. “Come Home” – Waterdeep
2. “Gotcha” – TRALA
3. “Three Strangers” – Sarah Masen
4. “Black Mountain” – Taylor Leonhardt
5. “One Two Three” – Homestead Collective
6. “The Night Sky” – Sara Groves (ft. Andy Gullahorn)
7. “Roots” – RYVOLI
8. “Galaxy Former” – Sarah Macintosh
9. “Hold This House Up” – Christa Wells
10. “Wonder-Dummied” – Brooke Waggoner
11. “When I First Met You” – Amanda Opelt
12. “Monarch” – Melanie Penn

* SPONSOR: Eufaula – http://eufaulamusic.com
* SPONSOR: Escape To The Lake – http://escapetothelake.net
* To all the listeners who sent in these requests – gourmetmusicpodcast@gmail.com

We are sharing the music of just some of the artists coming to UTR’s Escape To The Lake 2018 this July 19-21 in Cedar Lake, IN — including Andrew Osenga, Christa Wells, Brothers McClurg, Jess Ray, & more.

1. “Catch Me Up To Speed” – Nick Flora (Conversations Hearts)
2. “Runnin'” – Royce Lovett (Love & Other Dreams)
3. “Velveteen” – Christa Wells (Velveteen)
4. “Learning the Hard Way” – The Zach Pietrini Band (Holding Onto Ghosts)
5. “Running Out of Road” – The Mosleys (Ordinary Time)
6. “Pave Every Road” – Caroline Cobb (A Home & A Hunger)
7. “The Year of the Locust” – Andrew Osenga (The Painted Desert)
8. “Water / Wind / Fire” – Jess Ray (Pull the Stars from the Sky)
9. “I’ll Be With You Always” – Brother McClurg (Home)
10. “House on Fire” – Wild Harbors (Monument)

Host & Executive Producer – Dave Trout
Info on Escape To The Lake – http://escapetothelake.net
Sponsor – EUFAULA – http://eufaulamusic.com
Support from listeners just like you!

We have over 80 minutes of music as we feature New Discoveries in the world of gourmet music. Dave guarantees that more than half (maybe close to all) of the artists will be brand new discoveries to you!

1. Just As I Am – The Sing Team
2. I Will Listen – Teressa Mahoney
3. Undertow – Dave Pettigrew
4. War Cry – Luke Lauber
5. Stay – May Novalis
6. Peace On Earth / A Conversation – PSALLOS
7. The Pilgrim – Luke Spehar
8. Dance Again – Nathan Peterson
9. Blessed – Zachary Wells
10. In My Heart – Kenny Hass
11. Born Sinners – Here Together
12. Deliver Us From Evil – Eric Lee Brumley
13. Breathe and Move – Candace Coker
14. Homesick – Paradise Hymns
15. Ruins & Remains – Koo Chung
16. The Lord Will Fight For Us (Psalm 127) – Advent Birmingham
17. Every Seed Must Die – The Promise Is Hope

Host & Executive Producer – Dave Trout
Music Assistant – Larry Stephan
Sponsor – Resonate – http://resonatecampaign.com
Support from listeners just like you!

Our Easter Special 2018 celebrates songs about the cross and the empty tomb, including Brady Toops, The Welcome Wagon, Jess Ray, Page CXVI, and Dave’s favorite song for Easter 2018.

“Death Was Buried in Its Grave” – Parrish
“Reckless Love” – Brady Toops
“Ain’t No Grave” – Crowder
“The Death of Death” – Wendell Kimbrough
“Easter Song” – Jess Ray
“Lamb of God” – Emerald Hymns
“Supreme” (ft. Beautiful Eulogy) – Shai Linne
“Christ the Lord is Risen Today” – Ashley Cleveland
“O The Cross” – Sherdonna Denholm
“Beautiful Scandalous Night” – Phil Madeira
“The Strife is O’er” – The Welcome Wagon
“The Son of God Rises” – Matt Papa
“Were You There” – Page CXVI
“Resurrected One” – Sisterbrother
“Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed” – Keith & Kristen Getty

We put the playlist into the hands of YOU our listeners for over 80 minutes of music, including requests for Josh Garrels, The Gray Havens, Liz Vice, Andy Gullahorn, & Tow’rs.

All the songs on this episode are less than 2 months old, including new releases by Andrew Peterson, The Oh Hellos, Christa Wells, and a pair of radio world premieres.

Now that we know the Top 11 albums – now the UTR Critics help share some of the Top Gourmet Songs of 2017.

What was the best of the best music from last year? We countdown the Top 11 Gourmet Albums of 2017!

We didn’t plan on doing this episode. We’ve never done an audio companion for our Honorable Mentions list before. But we thought… WHY NOT?!

We’re celebrating the Christmas season with some well-crafted holiday songs by Josh Garrels, Caroline Cobb, Gungor, Jillian Edwards, The Gray Havens, and a dozen others.

We countdown our picks of the six best Christmas Albums released in 2017, including Waterdeep, Marc Martel, and… who else?

We began curating high-quality faith-infused music in November 2008. And for our 9th anniversary, the gift is actually for you… 16 songs crammed into one of our longest episodes ever. Enjoy songs by The Gray Havens, Madison Cunningham, 6’10, Andy Squyres, & more.

In the old days of “Under The Radar,” we had some rules in place that caused a lot of songs to get blacklisted. Today, the blacklist is gone and we celebrate the freedom by playing “uncensored” songs.

We are reminiscing and celebrating our early August music retreat Escape To The Lake 2017 – with live performances, testimonials, and a special cover of Tom Petty.

We share some of the picks from our 10-member Critics Panel of the best albums and songs from the first half of 2017.

The debut episode features songs released in the last 9 months. Money-back guarantee that you’ll hear at least one artist you’ve never heard before!

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