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Dave’s Favorite Song of Easter 2018

We are reminded of the brokenness of the world in the headlines every day: school shootings, misconduct allegations, government corruption, global tensions, neighborhood crime. The news reminds us of how we are longing for resurrection in every corner of our world. As we celebrate Easter this year, I think about how fast the world seems to be spinning out of control, and yet I have this peace in my soul that seems to defy logic. The core of this peace is a person. Jesus’ death on the cross was atonement for my sin, yet it was His resurrection that gives me hope in the face of the tragedy and pain we experience today.  This leads us to my choice of favorite song for Easter 2018.

Shai Linne has been a nationally known Christian hip-hop artist for the last 13 years. Last year, on his album Still Jesus, he collaborated with Beautiful Eulogy on the amazing song “Supreme.”

This song is a treatise on the Person central to my faith, and in 756 words, lays out with clarity the reasons why Jesus Christ is (or should be) the supreme entity in our lives, and why the Bible calls Him “the Name above all names.” The more the world changes, the clearer it is that Jesus is constant and unchanging – a true anchor for our restless souls.

The rhyme structure, killer beats, and musical landscape is on point – with folks comparing it to names like Kendrick Lamar and Machine Gun Kelly. However, the lyrical themes truly take center stage – and the backbone of the song is that the tomb that Jesus was laid in is now empty.

R, to the I, to the S, to the E, to the N, that’s what we hopin’ in!
Risen on the spell check, the Risen King can rinse clean
The most rebellious, I was hell-bound, now I’m spellbound

Easter is a day of celebration; a day like no other. We are reminded that no matter the size of darkness in this world, one ounce of the power of Christ’s resurrection will cast that darkness as far as the east is from the west.  The hope of the risen Christ should compel us toward praise and wonder, not just agreement of a list of Truths, and this song encapsulates that turn magnificently – going on to say in the closing stanza: “So the saints stand and applaud His grace and glorious cause/ With hands raised, praising His name, singing ‘Glory to God’!”

We will be featuring this song in our upcoming Easter Special (releasing 3/29) on UTR’s Gourmet Music Podcast – available on this website, or on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, & Stitcher.

Song: “Supreme” (ft. Beautiful Eulogy)

Album:  Still Christ  (iTunes link)

Artist: Shai Linne


[Verse 1: shai linne] Let me start this off with a, “Hallelujah” to Jesus, the sovereign ruler
This is not a rumor, got the truth so we about to school ya
Check how the style maneuvers, shout it to you like the loudest roofers
Christ [

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